Thursday, February 14, 2008

~ My Valentine ~

Over on Sock It To Me Twice, we were challenged to write about a memorable Valentine. Today is my memorable day which started last night at 9p. Dh surprised me w/a lovely heart of Whitman's chocolate, then he left a beautiful red teddy bear on my pillow with a chocolate rose & Hershey's kiss ~ its red too. He presented each of the dc with a heart shape box of chocolates too ~ it was medium size boxes at that (we normally give them small boxes and teddy bears). ;D He also gave us each more candy this morning but didn't get himself anything. He mentioned it was too bad that snickers and m&m's snack sizes only came in packs of 8 now so he doesn't get any (they used to be 10 packs and each of us got 2). While I was in Walmart getting some knee-hi's I picked up a box of chocolate covered cherries for him and he loved them ~ Yummy! Doesn't take much to please him and I've got a few more surprises that I can't write about until after tomorrow. ;D

Today, I also worked at the store helping last minute shoppers get gifts. It was alot of fun helping people select a unique but special gift for their loved ones. I got to shrink-wrap almost 30 gift sets in the past 2 days. I also worked an extra shift tonight since a few staff members have been dealing w/the flu/sinus thingy. I'd say this was memorable because I spent Valentine's at Bath & Body Works instead of home. LOL I'll like the paycheck so I'm not mad. Besides dh and I had decided to go out for dinner on a different night ~ and that will be tomorrow.

Its been a great day overall though I'm tired at the moment ~ I'm very happy. Hope everyone else had a great day! I leave you w/a pic of my goodies along with my "valentine pic." Enjoy!

~ Valentine Picture ~
~ Reds the Bear ~
*he is an earth friendly bear made from recycled plastic bottles. Cool huh?!

Here's the chocolate ~ yummy goodness!

~ Group pic ~

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Happy Valentine's Day!