Saturday, January 02, 2010

~ Lost in 2009 ~

As you can tell by my last post of October 9th ~ life has been outta control. Its still not totally back to normal yet either though I've been working on getting it back on track. Its been a very interesting 4mos of change and I'm still not sure its over. I've not been knitting, have failed to keep up with my friends and even have a few swap packages that have disappeared among the moving boxes.

In the past quarter ~ I've moved, separated from my husband, lost valuable possessions including my hair lol, not been motivated to do anything, work 7days a week and wondering where does all this lead. I will say I've not lost my faith nor am I willing to give up. Though the nights are long and sometimes sleepless, I'm am confident that "this too shall pass." I just wish it hurry up. I will try to be more present in the future but please bare w/me as I continue to transition to a life of single motherhood.

So on this 2nd day of the New Year ~ I resolve to be whom I've been created to be and thats all.

~ Happy New Year ~