Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life is good

Its been a busy week already and its only Tuesday lol. Enjoying the activity though and the desire to get my life back to some of the normalcy it once had. Been dealing w/allergy and sinus symptoms to the point of having laryngitis. Starting to feel better but realize I'll prolly be taking some decongestants for the rest of winter so I don't get a sinus infection like last year.

On the knitting front, started my scarf using 10s but not sure I'm liking the look or the feel. Its rather tight and I really want a more loose. Will prolly frog it and start again w/13s or 15s. Planning some socks since I've a ton of sock yarn that is calling my name. Just checked out a new sock book at the library and can't wait to take time to look through it. Its call Country Weekend Socks by Madeline Weston.

Well, back to work and more later. Have a great one!

Monday, December 27, 2010

~ My new project ~

My lovely OSU yarn ~ ready for my scarf...woohoo! Been too long not knitting. Time to let my creativity have its way and my mind to enjoy a good book. Aahh, I do love winter time just as much as fall for these simple pleasures.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

~ Merry Christmas ~

Wishing you and yours a blessed and peaceful Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time for change

I've been MIA for so long and I know its my own fault. I've allowed school and work to consume my every minute long w/being out late some nights with the crazy people in my life. However, its time to change. I need a fresh outlook, need a new schedule and system of order and I think my blog needs a new look too. Not sure what it will be but I'm thinking brighter, cheerier and definitely updated regularly by me. I can update again from my phone so I will be doing so.
Nothing new on the knitting scene but plans are forming for Christmas presents. No new books read but have a list. Did watch "The Great Game" the new BBC Sherlock series...loved it! Need to starting cooking and baking more instead of eating out so will try to do my weekly menus again even though are for one lol. Still getting use to this empty nest and living by myself but I'm hanging in there. My roommate and her kids are good people and keep me company when I need it.

Well off to look at new blog skins and create a list of things I want to do in 2011. Have a great evening.