Friday, February 29, 2008

Up late knitting

Yes, I'm up late ~ I just got home about an hour and half ago from a concert. Woohoo! It was totally awesome and you all need to get to one if the tour stops in your area. Oh what tour ~ its Pillar's For the Love of the Game tour. Their new cd is out and its awesome. They are touring with Building 429, Wavolry and a new Sony artist ~ Brooke Barrettsmith. They were all awesome! I screamed, shouted, jumped and sold merch til 11p. ;D I also worked today in the store for 5hrs then straight to the concert. I must admit I'm tired and my knee is hurting~ I turned it while jumping. Hmm...I guess I need to consider working out so that I can be in shape for stuff like this. LOL

Now on to the knitting ~ I'm up working on sock #2 of my emergency socks as well as finishing off the foot of Madder #2. I may stay up for about another 1hr since I'm running on only 5hrs of sleep and I've had to cast on the emergency sock #2 4x and don't feel like messing around tonight. On second thought ~ I think I'm going to bed and get up early and keep a pot of coffee on all day. I need these socks ready for the post this weekend. ;D I'm finishing off the Madders too since they may end of being angel socks or for charity. I really do like this Madder pattern, it is very easy to follow and memorize.

I'm off to get some sleep and do a few rounds on Madder. Have a great one!

*Don't forget to check out the websites above ~ you will enjoy all the music unless you don't like rock! ;) Nite, Nite!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hopeless Romantic ~ who me?

Yes, me ~ I will freely admit I am. I love all the soapy, girly, romances that make you all warm and fuzzy inside. I laugh, I cry and I even get mad but I still love them and Pride & Prejudice has my heart at the moment. I watched the final episode on PBS last night and love it even more than the first ~ no I didn't cry this time. ;D I thought about scenes from Hollywood's version last night too and how much I love the soundtrack. Aaah, its such a wonderous feeling and I just had to share it with you all. Now don't you feel special?!

I've been knitting though it has taken a urgent turn. The Madder socks are coming along and would have been done had I not discovered that the intended doesn't like cotton blend yarn. Ooops ~ how did I miss that tidbit of information, so they will be finished but not til the end of the week. I had to start a new pair of socks asap to have them ready by the end of the week. I have cast on for a pr of Nancy Drew Socks by Stitch-n-Snitch the lovely designer of my fav "Not Peds" and they are being worked in Regia Galaxy Jupiter Reds. I'm enjoying them and they are quick but I wish they were going much faster though I'm using magic loop its not. I have finally finished the gusset and working the foot. I had hope to be further to the toe decrease so that I could cast on #2 by tomorrow but it looks like that won't happen and I may have to inform my hostess and pal of a delay. That I don't really want to do because I'd like to be done w/this one to be ready to start ISE6.

Yes, I did it again but its for the 2nd quarter. I've joined International Scarf Exchange #6 which begins in mid-march. Woohoo ~ I'm looking forward to making a lovely scarf again and sending some good karma to my pal. More on that later but if you'd like to join, just click the above link ~ but hurry.
School is going well and I'm very pleased. Work has picked up and thats another reason my knitting is slow. I worked this evening for 3 1/2 hrs and will tomorrow too. I will get this done and I will have to sleep less to knit more, right?!
Off to finalize some group emails and to work on my sock while reading blogs and emails. Have a great one.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Its been a great day.

I've had a wonderful day ~ I stayed home and enjoyed myself. I was here to listen to my children read and narrate; to knit and read pattern books; to have a lovely roaring fire ~ after collecting the necessary kindling from the yard ;D; to take a long nap; to sit, knit and talk w/friends at the LYS ~ which was the highlight of my day; and to simply relax and be me. It has truly been a great day.

Progress ~ my sock enabling friend at the LYS made me sit down and overcome my second sock syndrome. That madder #2 was taking way too long though most of my time has not been my own. LOL I've only 8 rounds more then start the heel. Yeah! I'm glad to have friends who care about me and my knitting. It was nice to sit and chat w/them along w/making 2 new friends. I can't wait to visit again soon. Maybe not next friday since the concert is that night but tues would be good ~ its sock nite. ;D

I will begin another sock project once I start the heel on the Madder. These are footies for Da Boy. He took the time to pick his yarn today so I will get started so he doesn't have to wait any longer for his socks ~ which he reminds me constantly that he has been waiting. LOL He choose the Opal in a red, yellow, blue and white colorway I had purchased from a destasher on Ravelry. I was planning to make some socks for me but it looks like there will be two prs of footies instead ~ one for him and one for me. ;D

Tomorrow should be quiet too since I usually relax when I work late nights on sunday. However, we have been invited out for adult company w/dinner and we may go ~ Brisket is on the menu. If we go, I will take mash potatoes, salad and french bread. Hmm...this is making me hungry even though I'm very full from my soup and bread dinner. Yes, its cold and I wanted something that would stick to my ribs and didn't have to make it myself. I know it goes against my simpliest, frugal and all that rules but I had so much fun at the yarn shop, I didn't want to come home and cook too. I started the fire again and Da Boy is at the neighbor's. The girls are giggling loudly in Riley's room and dh just finish watching a music show on PBS ~ he is now snoring. I'm relaxing w/the crackle of the fire behind me, the classical radio station, my knitting, glass of ginger ale, some chocolate and blog reading.

Off to knit those 8 rounds ~ have a great knitty nite. ;D

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whadda day!

It has been long and tiring ~ another day at the store, cleaning and moving product for 5hrs. I'll survive but I came home and braided Sk8Chick's hair too. My forearm muscle is throbbing and I still have to finish her hair in the morning. LOL I'll make it and she'll look lovely as well as feel better about going to work.

Today was our monthly CM support group meeting but nobody came. I think most still are dealing with the crud and thats ok. I was able to spend the time finishing off my "ugly" dishcloth and printing out needed info. Dh had a meeting and when he got out we went to Wally World then home. Too tired to go back out so he'll drop off my "ugly" package in the morning. Heehee, I hope my partner likes her ugly cloth ~ it was alot of fun to make. We are to send our cloths to each other by this weekend so we can open them next Sat. I can't wait, she said she sent mine yesterday and that it got a double stamp of officially "ugly" approval. LOL I managed to get the same rating for mine and it will be great fun to find out what she thinks.

I did manage to do one complete round on my Madder sock and will be working on it for another half hour then off to bed for me. I need to get up by 8a to finish off the girl's hair. I hope everyone else has had a productive day. Talk w/you soon.

My Spring Knitting

Another challenge from SI2Me ~ Post about your spring knitting plans. Do you have a new project in mind? Joining a new group? Any new goals you wish to share?

I don't have any new goals just the ones I've already implemented that are done quarterly ~ you can read those here. Since spring is during one of my quarters, this is my list of things I'd like to do along with some new things:

~ socks: goal is 1 pr a month ~ totally 3 in the quarter. I've several listed in my Ravelry queue and dh has requested a few more pairs. I may get more done.

~ items for self: goal is 1-2 items a qtr ~ Mirepoix Bodice made in Tahki Classic Cotton (postponed from current qtr) and the Back to School Vest in Cascade Sierra.

~ dishcloths: goal is 2 per month ~ totally 3 in the quarter. I found some really pretty spring ones along w/being involved in 2 KALs.

~ UFOs: goal is to complete 1 per month ~ totally 3 in the quarter and there are only 3 left. Yeah!

~ groups/kals: I join groups weekly on Ravelry so that isn't a goal for me. Though I've got my eye on one or two new KALs but will wait and see since I'm doing stashalong, I don't need any temptations to purchase more yarn. LOL

~ new projects: I do have a few new projects in mind but they are too many to name here. You can checkout my queue at Ravelry (RockstarMom) for more on this. ;D I also joined Sock Wars ~ now thats a challenge. LOL

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not much...

thats right ~ not much to report today. I did end up going to work for 5 hrs and doing some floorset work. Very dirty job but it has to be done. We are in the process are cleaning the store and re-arranging some of the product shelves. I don't mind since it will get the store cleaner and I like that a lot. I did participate in Wordless Wednesday ~ check it out here on my other blog.

On the knitting front ~ I am steadily working the sock though that 5hrs would have really made a dent in it for me. I will also loss another 5hrs of knitting time tomorrow for the same reason. Oh well, must not think to negatively and use my time wisely to get it done. Which means not spending hours online tonite. ;D All other projects are languishing in their respectively bags and I hope to get back to them next week especially so I can accomplish my goals for the month. I've added several new patterns to my queue on Ravelry and one day I'll make them, just you wait and see.

On the school front ~ we are progressing just fine. Both have finished 2 audio books this week and Riley is enjoying her "Story of the Greeks" which is awesome. I'm glad they are not complaining since that would make life very miserable around here. Da Boy started "Call of the Wild" today after informing me he already read it. did I miss that tidbit on the booklist. I'll check it out tomorrow and update my listing so he doesn't have to re-read too many more that he doesn't like anyway. Riley is re-reading Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and will begin Where the Red Fern Grows on friday. I've a few others already lined up for their reading time and can't wait since some are to be read w/me. ;D

On the homefront ~ haven't done any of my FlyLady things but did manage to swipe the toilet and clean the bathroom sink. Tomorrow is another day and I will get it done.

I'm going now and will be back tomorrow or the next day. LOL Have a great one!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today we took a roadtrip to buy a car. It was fun since it has been along time since we have gone on one. Dh took off work and him, myself, Riley and Da Boy went to Guthrie. If we hadn't been going for specific purpose, this trip would have been a great opportunity for a field trip to historic Guthrie. However, there wasn't time for that. We didn't get a car but thats ok, we'll keep looking and may return since the dealer was at an auction and would have more cars over the next few weeks. First, it seemed like a wasted trip ~ you know w/the $7 in tolls, gas and food for 2 teens. LOL But upon further observation, it was a great trip because we got out of the house, away from our normal invironment and hit the road. Sk8Chick was at work so she missed this one but we are planning another trip for this weekend so she can go. We are also planning our mini-vacation for next month since dh and Sk8Chick have shown signs of needed rest. ;D More details on that as we finalize. I need to also plan our trip to Vegas that we won. Better get that done before it expires.

I did work on the 2nd Madder sock on the trip and managed to get mid-leg, I fell asleep on the way back ~ not much knitting when you're sleep though I've heard some say they can knit in their sleep. I took a picture of my knitting since I was taking pictures of the moon which was hidden behind clouds ~ very willowy looking but beautiful.
Not much else to talk about ~ kinda quiet and tired. I'm not schedule to work anymore this week unless my on-call hours get pulled. Hopefully, they won't and I will be home knitting away. I was asked about modeling "Aurora" and I would but my new hairstyle will not allow me to put it on. LOL I'll have to do it in a few weeks or have Sk8Chick model it for me, we'll see.

I'm off to knit on the sock and watch a movie. Talk w/you all soon.

~ Birthday Greetings ~

My lovely friend @ Yarn Crawl ~ go say hi and wish her a happy bday!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I finally finished sock #1 and immediately co #2. Now I hope my pal likes these ~ what do you all think?

Nothing else going on around here. I worked today for a few hours and I'm physically tired. I did my hair today and will do Sk8Chick's tomorrow and hopefully get Riley's done on Friday. I uploaded music to my MP3 ~ its so cool and I'm glad I spoiled myself and got it. I look forward to adding ebooks since I have 4G ~ lots of room for music and books. is progressing nicely. Using Homeschool Tracker has made scheduling and lesson planning much simpler though I still have to update it and make sure the work is done. But at least I don't have to think once I put in the information and schedule it over time ~ the feature I like the most.

I'm still reading Emma and I'm almost done especially since I've a pile of books waiting along with the knitting books I borrowed from the library. I figure I will catchup tomorrow on most things but plan to sleep in. ;D

Off to read more and knit a little on my 2nd sock. I believe I will start a pair of anklets this week ~ I've some lovely Cherry Tree Hill in Sugar Maple which is bright orange and yellow. I think they will be a nice change for me with the dreary, confused weather we have.

Have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

May I have your attention please....

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my "Aurora":
Its lovely, isn't it?! I'm so pleased with how it came out. I even have leftover yarn, here is a pic of the lovely w/the yarn ~ all I need is another ball of Quattro and I can make another one.
I need to add a button ~ maybe and take a pic wearing it. I tried to take a live shot but they didn't come out very well.

My other knitting: I'm working the toe shaping of the 1st Madder sock. I really need to get busy on these so they are ready this week. I also need to finish off my "ugly" dishcloth and get back to my CPH. I've not been very motivated but I also realize that I've been very tired due to working. Off to watch Pride & Prejudice though I need to go to bed ~ work tomorrow. See ya all later.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun Day!

I had a great day ~ a wonderful way to end the week. Let me back track ;D Yesterday, dh took me to Stonemill BBQ for lunch/dinner thingy and it was great. I had Pulled Pork sandwich w/seasoned fries and cole slaw. We shared an Apple Cobbler w/Vanilla ice cream. Hmm, hmmm good. Score! Then he took me to my LYS for an hour. I didn't buy any yarn but I did get to sit and talk to some of the staff, then I wound several balls of yarn. It was great and then I stayed up til 2a reading blogs and queues on Ravelry.

Today, dh wanted to get out of the house since we had no dc. We went to lunch ~ singapore noodles ~ yummy to my tummy! Then we went to the LYS again. Yes! Several of my friends were there and I sat down for some knitting since the store was really crowded. Lots of people I've never seen before but it was raining outside and there was a sale 25%-50% off. I enjoyed talking to several of my friends especially JanineKnits who help me wind some of my yarn which she's done on more than one occassion. I did buy yarn but it wasn't for me ~ it was for Riley. She wants a Twinkle Twinkle Little Beanie which happen to be on sale for 25% off ~ pattern and yarn (pic below). She is very happy that her mommy bought yarn to make her something. I also signed Sk8Chick and myself up for a yarn party and one of my friends encouraged me to signup for the yarn tour next month too. I'll be very busy but happy. ;D
Oh, before I forget ~ I finished the main part of Aurora last night. I sewed it up on my way to lunch today and here it is. I'll make the flower tomorrow ~ it requires 222 st co and I don't have the energy or patience to do that tonight. ;D
Here are pics of the yarn I wound ~ lovely eye candy for you. Have a great Sunday!
Cherry Tree Hill ~ Martha's Vineyard
Socks that Rock ~ Ruby Slippers
Mountain Colors ~ Crazy Woman
Cascade Sierra ~ Hot Pink

Friday, February 15, 2008

Share the Yarn Love

Yep ~ another contest for SI2Me. LOL

Contest 3: Share the Yarn Love

Let's face it, there are a lot of knitters out there. And with that goes the fact that there is a lot of yarn out there! For this contest you will post 10 of your favorite yarns out there. They can be just sock yarn or lace or whatever your heart desires.
Its difficult to pick just 10 but I managed and here they are:

1. Mountain Colors (love Bearfoot)
2. Regia (Fasset Design, Tweed & 4 ply)*my LYS*
3. Caron Simply Soft
4. Debbie Bliss (Cashmerino & Baby Cash)
5. Louisa Harding (Grace & La Salute Quattro)
6. Jawoll Cotton Jacquard
7. Cherry Tree Hill (Sockittome & DK)
8. Classic Elite's Creme
9. Lion Brand Cotton
10. Cascade Yarns (Sierra, 220 & Key Largo)

~ Eye Candy ~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

~ My Valentine ~

Over on Sock It To Me Twice, we were challenged to write about a memorable Valentine. Today is my memorable day which started last night at 9p. Dh surprised me w/a lovely heart of Whitman's chocolate, then he left a beautiful red teddy bear on my pillow with a chocolate rose & Hershey's kiss ~ its red too. He presented each of the dc with a heart shape box of chocolates too ~ it was medium size boxes at that (we normally give them small boxes and teddy bears). ;D He also gave us each more candy this morning but didn't get himself anything. He mentioned it was too bad that snickers and m&m's snack sizes only came in packs of 8 now so he doesn't get any (they used to be 10 packs and each of us got 2). While I was in Walmart getting some knee-hi's I picked up a box of chocolate covered cherries for him and he loved them ~ Yummy! Doesn't take much to please him and I've got a few more surprises that I can't write about until after tomorrow. ;D

Today, I also worked at the store helping last minute shoppers get gifts. It was alot of fun helping people select a unique but special gift for their loved ones. I got to shrink-wrap almost 30 gift sets in the past 2 days. I also worked an extra shift tonight since a few staff members have been dealing w/the flu/sinus thingy. I'd say this was memorable because I spent Valentine's at Bath & Body Works instead of home. LOL I'll like the paycheck so I'm not mad. Besides dh and I had decided to go out for dinner on a different night ~ and that will be tomorrow.

Its been a great day overall though I'm tired at the moment ~ I'm very happy. Hope everyone else had a great day! I leave you w/a pic of my goodies along with my "valentine pic." Enjoy!

~ Valentine Picture ~
~ Reds the Bear ~
*he is an earth friendly bear made from recycled plastic bottles. Cool huh?!

Here's the chocolate ~ yummy goodness!

~ Group pic ~

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chocolate anyone?

Now I really don't plan to share but I thought it would be polite to offer. ;D My dh has found a lovely shop in town that imports authentic UK items and this is what he bought for me. Isn't it large (250g) and so lovely ~ its absolutely divine and delicious too.

The label is really cool, I believe thats Hebrew, Greek, and maybe even German. The nutrition facts include "energy". I love it and it tastes so much better than the Hershey version especially since they've changed their recipe and it tastes very different and not so good as before.

He also obtained some lovely tea for us and I've enjoyed a cup of pure ceylon. I plan to have one this evening w/my book and knitting.

Off to finish knitting and checking in on some of my yahoo groups. I'll be back later. ;D

Monday, February 11, 2008


Progress pic:

Madder socks


Doin' much better ;)

Everyone here is feeling much better and we are looking forward to a wonderful week. Sk8Chick did go to the doctor and get a prescription and feels better though she has a little tickle in the throat. I have a cough that comes and goes especially when I laugh, well thats a problem because as those of you who know me personally know, I laugh alot. ;D Since I haven't been blogging much nor have the desire to do so either ~ sorry. I think I'll give an update of the past 3 days so you know what life has been like around here.

Friday 2/8 ~ I worked at the store from 11a-3p but before I got there the day started as a nightmare ~ murphy's law was in operation. I awoke w/a migraine, still had to do my hair, iron my clothes, dh called and said I'd have to go to work early then Sk8Chick came out of her room crying. I was starting to have a meltdown because during all this I was also trying to make myself breakfast but ended up burning the frying pan. Ugh! what a morning but it did finally calm down and get in order. Sk8Chick had done something to her calf muscle and it appeared to be poking out of the leg so we got it propped and iced to await dh's arrival. He rescheduled his appointment so I wouldn't have to go in early to allow me to finish my hair. When he arrived and examined her leg, decided we needed to take her to the doctor. She was already home from work on doctor's order for having a fever so she wasn't looking forward to going to the doctor 2 days in a row. I called in to work letting know I would be late, then I got ready, grabbed my excedrin, sneakers for later and left home. I arrived at work and found out we had a new assistant manager, lots of new stuff for sale and shipment waiting to be processed. Work went smooth enough and after 3hr I got a sandwich so I could take the excedrin migraine ~ it worked quickly and I was very grateful. I left work at 3p and headed to a concert. Yeah! That was t he best part of the day. We did merch for Casting Crown, Leeland and John Waller. I had a blast and can't wait for the next concert on the 29th. I hope to volunteer for that one too but don't know just yet. MercyMe is coming again and its alot of fun working w/them. We arrived home at 1a ~ Sk8Chick was able to work the concert too. The diagnosis was a really bad charlie horse results of low calcium and potassium in the system. Prescription ~ tums and bananas for a week. ;D

Saturday 2/9 ~ I was a bum most of the day but I did some knitting on my Aurora. I went to my LYS to wind a couple hanks of sock yarn and return some yarn I purchased that I didn't need. I used the credit to purchase the remaining 4 skeins of Takhi Cotton I needed for my Mirepoix and I replaced my Vogue Knitting holiday mag I gifted. Sk8Chick tagged along and purchased some DB Cashmerino Aran to make fingerless mitts, LH's Grace in chocolate to make Aurora and some lovely Regia for socks ~ all these for herself. She cast on the mitts while we sat at Starbucks and she is very happy with her choice of yarn. I cast on for my SI2Me2 pal's socks too and I'm liking the pattern very much. I'm using Lang Jawoll cotton jacquard which is a superwash cotton. Its stretchy and smooth to work with. I making Madder Ribbed Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks book.

Sunday 2/10 ~ I lounged around all day being a true house bum. I worked on the Madder socks and rested. I wasn't interested in going anywhere though I could have gone out w/the girls and friends to church and lunch. I just choose to stay home. Dh even picked up my library items and went to the grocery store for me. Thx dude ;D I can't say there was much going on other than waiting for Pride and Prejudice pt 1 @ 8p. I paid some bills, read a few blogs and emails but mostly did absolutely nothing. It was great.

Well, there you have it ~ rather boring but thats my life for the past few days. Today, we will get some school work completed. I'll work on my socks and Aurora especially since our weather is dreary ~ icy rains and thunderstorms. Gotta go and tend the fire. Talk w/you all soon.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Recouping nicely, I think

We are all getting better and I am very grateful. I've had a rough day of coughing but I was able to stay up most of the day. I did take a little nap which is my usual thing when I'm home. ;D The kiddos are doing better though Sk8Chick is moving slow. I am happy to report the symptoms are moving quickly thru her system so she should be herself in the next day or two if she goes to sleep at night. She is a night owl so even though she doesn't feel well, she can't sleep.

I've been knitting and I've got some progress pics to share. Below I've also included pics of the packages I received while I was ill. They were very nice surprises during that week.

Up first ~ CPH left front. Knitting is going rapidly but I do get tired and my shoulders have been a bit achy so I've not worked on it since Sunday night. Yes, I watched Jane Austen Regrets and worked on my sweater ~ had to do something with my hands can't be idle. ;D I really am excited about how its turning out. ;D

Here is a close up of the cable work ~ nice huh?!

Next, I've been working on my Aurora which is really easy. I managed to get about 1/4 of the work done on it and can't wait to have it all finished to wear. If I can continue to work at this pace it will be ready for my driver's license picture. Now that would be stylish don't you think.

My other WIPs are languishing since I've not felt well and not motivated to work on them. I will get those Monkey socks done one day. I need to actually get my SI2M2 socks done, I've picked the pattern, I purchased some yarn but the yarn will not work with the pattern so I've got to get some more. I've found some to order and the seller does priority mail so I should have it next week and get cranking. I really wanted them done by next week so I could be working on the other goodies that go in the package but it didn't work out that way. Hmm...maybe I should change the pattern to match the yarn I have which would 1) save me $$, 2) allow me to get started tomorrow, and 3) keep w/my plan. I will be looking at sock patterns tonight. ;D

Here are my goodies I received:
1st ~ SI2M2 package from Singapore:

~ Nori flora garden bag w/lovely handspun sock yarn inside

~ Habu scarf kit from Tokoyo

~ Simply Sock book & Simply Knitting magazine

2nd ~ WhoDuKnit contest prize
~ ghirardelli assorted chocolates
~ peaches n pomegrate body scrub, wash & butter
~ angel book
~ I love cookies original double chocolate chip cookie
~ Felted soap kit ;D

Off to locate a sock pattern ~ more tomorrow. ;D

~ on the homestead ~
dinner ~ homemade waffles, scrambled eggs and tater tots
smells ~ sugar cookie candle
sounds ~ scooby doo videos
mood ~ cheerful

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Coming out of the dark....

I'm starting to see the light but I must admit ~ its very bright and it hurts my head. I've been in bed since thurs and I'm trying to stay up for as long as possible to get myself back in the habit of being among the living. I'm not sure what happened to me but it happened very badly. Now my dds are sick and we pray that dh doesn't because it would be really bad being that he is the only driver at our house. I'm still abit lightheaded and the coughing fits are severe but I'm gonna make it ~ not allowed to die around here. ;D

So, thats my update, I'll try to get back on later to share some pics of the lovely goodies I've received in the mail and to read more emails. If you've not heard from me and you expected to by now ~ I'm not dead but you may need to resend your email. Sorry ~ my email boxes are too full and it may take me a day or two to get it all caught up and since its storming here, I'm going back to bed. Have a good day!