Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Separation, Black holes and College

So life hasn't gotten back to normal. No matter how hard I try I'm having some difficulties bouncing back. So I'm sure most of you would appreciate an update but its not much to share and definitely not much thats wonderful lol.

I've not knitted in almost 6mos which is a real shame. I'd love to knit, have several projects that look wonderful to get started but I've no motivation and now no time. Its been almost 6mos since my husband and I separated. The kiddos do live w/me but for the most part I'm almost living alone. Time sure does fly when you are too busy to stop and look at it. Da Boy is 17yos now and a senior ~ when did that happen. The girls are grown, so they come and go as they please but do check in every once in awhile. ;D

I've done something for me, something that I was suppose to do 7 years ago when we moved to OK ~ I'm back in school. I'm working toward my bachelors so that I can return to the classroom. My passion to be a teacher again has finally motivated me enough to register and I got accepted ~ yeah me! Its been almost 5 weeks now and its kicking my butt but I love every single minute of it. The kiddos have been so supportive and my friends, though some of the locals have been a hindrance in their loving way, have been a huge blessing and support. Its tough and I still work 2 jobs so my life has become a rollercoaster ride that never ends. Some days start at 8a and don't end til 1a and unfortunately, I've been sick on and off for the past 2months which really makes for an interesting day.

However, looking at all this and knowing its only going to get busier, I've got so much to be thankful for that I'm not gonna complain or feel like I've been neglected or anything. Yes, I'm still here and need to check in more. I also need to find those missing packages in the black hole of my livingroom ~ still haven't unpacked and I've been there since October heehee. Life is very good and I'm fortunate and grateful.

I'll try to update more now that I've had to purchase a laptop for school. I definitely miss reading and commenting on all my friends blogs and being apart of cyberspace, but this too shall pass and I will once again be among the lovely knitting, reading, swapping and blogging circles.

Have a great week!