Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ISE Updating

Whew ~ its been very busy around here along with still not feeling a 100% most days. I've been kntiting, not much but here a little, there a little on my CPH. I recently started a new pair of toddler socks since I was getting a bit bored. I'm not sure what size they will be but hopefully will finish them off.

Yesterday I received my ISE7 package ~ Betty Jean was my pal from Texas. It was filled with an assortment of goodies but my pictures didn't turn out very well. I received baby yarn, several pattern pages of baby stuff from the Knitting 2009 calendar, a lighthouse calendar and a wall planner, some lovely Dairy Milk chocolate ~ yummy and a postcard of Houston. I'm sure I got more stuff too but without the pic or the box in front of me this is all I remember.

As I was taking pictures, I realized I've never taken pictures of my previous scarves ~ modeled that is. So here are pics of all 3 ISE scarves I've received. Enjoy ~ I'm off to an early nite of rest.
~ ISE5 ~
~ ISE6 ~

~ ISE7 ~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~ Lacy Love Scarf ~

I'm done ~ making my lovely scarf. I love the colorway and the pattern, it was an easy knit . Its warm and snuggly. I'm glad I made this one and look forward to making another.
Here it is with details:
Yarn ~ Malabrigo Intenso
Pattern ~ Lacy Scarf by Debbie Bliss
Needles ~ Bamboo 10s

Now to get motivated to finish off my stashalong list. I've only one item left now and I can't seem to get it done. Its my CPH ~ its over a year old and it really needs to be finished up. I'll work on it this week though I really want to start another project. Its the only thing left unfinished, well except for the B2S I have to buy yarn for since it is official ~ the yarn is gone. LOL

I want to make new socks, I want to make a sweater, I want to make dishcloths but for some reason I really am not interested at the moment. Could be the fatigue, the stress, and being sick on an off the past 3 weeks. I don't know but I'm getting excited about receiving packages in the mail and getting DirecTV ~ woohoo. I have sent off my ISE7 package and I will be sending off my KCS4 package in the next day or so. I've all the goodies and I've even scored some local, well to Arkansas, roving for my international pal. Can't wait for her to get that. ;)

I'm looking forward to a mini-vacation soon ~ definitely need it and I can't wait to go to Vegas. Dh and I are finally going, wow its been over a year since we won those tickets. Oh well, better late than never.

Gotta run, need to update and send emails. Have a great evening!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Knitter's Progress

I've been busy and unfortunately, sick. I have managed to complete another project ~ woohoo and it is a good thing since I would love to have another swap done.

Here is the pic of my ISE7 pal's completed scarf:

I'm also working on a KAL w/i KAL project for me ~ Lacy Love Scarf, which is the same pattern as above but modified a little. The February KALs theme is "Love of self" so I choose something red and pretty to make. Here is a progress pic:

The KCS4 is underway and I've just took a roadtrip to a lovely yarn shop in Arkansas and found goodies for my pal. I hope she loves them as much as I did. The yarn shop is called Knit Wicks and its in Rogers ~ downtown area. It was very nice, the trip and the shop. ;) I hadn't been on a roadtrip in a long while so it was nice to get away by myself. I'm looking forward to going soon.

Nothing else to report since we've all been sick off and on for the past week. I'm prayerful that its coming to an end and grateful that I'm off today and tomorrow.

Talk w/you all soon.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~ Woohoo ~

The lovely Lacy Leaf scarf is done. I need to wash it and block it then gather goodies for my pal. I'm hoping to have it in the mail by Friday. Pics soon.