Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Finishes

Baby washcloths
Manly Socks ~ Plain Vanilla
Monkey Peds
Madder Socks
Not Peds ~ 4 pr
Yummy Scarf
Various Scarfs

2008 Reading List

Crocodile on the Sandbank
Murder at the Vicarage - BBC Radio version
Murder at the Vicarage/Take 2
Birds of a Feather
Hippopotamus Pool
The Last Camel Died at Noon
Mansfield Park
The Main Corpse
Careful Use of Compliments
Kalahari Typing School for Men
The Knitting Circle
Yarn Harlot: Secret Life of a Knitter
Philosophy of Education
Formation of Character
When Children Love to Learn

Please forgive me....

I've been a bad poster and various other titles I've been absent from. I've been busy working and trying to regain my strength ~ been sick and very tired from the long hours on my feet. I have lots to share and to tell you all but not tonight. I'll try to get on again tomorrow because I will be off line for over 2 days if I don't. I've pics, swaps and tons of other things to share. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful New Year's celebration.

Talk w/you soon.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

~ Merry Christmas ~

"May the Lord richly bless you & yours ~ be blessed!"

Monday, December 08, 2008

Living Outta Boxes pt 5

Whew! Busy day and life is good. I've been working on my knitting and lesson plans more than trying to get rid of boxes. Lol. I'm ok with this though I know I can't live this way much longer w/Christmas fast approaching. I did manager to clear out the fridge, cut up the leftover turkey, make turkey hash and write lesson plans for the week. I'm finding that I'm getting more productive as I spend more time resting. I work early hours this week and I needs to have plans in place. Hmmm..its menu monday ~ I need to write one up real quick so that's outta the way too.

On the knitting front:
Da Boy's sock had to be ripped back twice. Ugh! I finally figured out I was trying to get it done in a hurry and failed to do the heel turn ~ dummy me! Back on track now ;)

Christmas items ~ this list has changed a few times and I'm sure will change again:
4 pr of socks
4 scarves
3 beanies
1 pr of mitten/gloves for me
10 wash/dish cloths
~ not too hard right?!

Football Challenge ~ managed to finish 10 squares this past week and hope to double that this week ~ need to make 46 more.

That's all for now, wrists getting tired ~ using mobile. Talk w/you all again soon.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Living Outta Boxes pt 4

Ok so there hasn't been much to report since I've not been successful at emptying these here boxes. ;). Though its increasingly difficult to find needed documents (birth certificates), personal items (socks), and just simple things like a checkbook. Thanksgiving wasn't a challenge to my surprise. Everything I needed, I found without a problem especially the new rubbermaid which was still in its original box. Lol

Life is moving along for us. I've been reminded and accept that I can only do so much and that I need to fully rely "lean in, rest on" God for everything. I know this but sometimes you forget because you get so focused on what's in front of you. ;) We did manage to do some school work today and took a field trip on Mon ~ yeah me!

On the knitting front:
Da Boy's socks ~ really bad 2nd sock syndrome around here but now that's over discovered an error and will have to rip it back ~ ouch!

CPH ~ found all missing pieces need to get to work.

B2S ~ still missing yarn ;(

Socks ~ have at least 3pr lined up when da boy's are done

Swaps ~ joined one "ISE7" looking forward to making another scarf

Gifts ~ planning 1 pr of socks, 5 scarves and 1 pr of gloves for me *yes very modest doable list ;)

Well my thumbs are tired ~ posting from mobile. More later. Nite!