Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Living outta boxes pt 3

Ok so the cake episode was bad but not as bad as today...I can't find any of our current school books. Dh helped by packing the books that were on the diningroom chairs, which were current term books, but I can't find them. I have my list of what they are but the boxes haven't surfaced and they could be in storage. Deep breath, well we have our Bibles, a math book, and a library down the street...all else fails we do only the basics. ;)

Wow, this could become an adventure with a scavenger hunt thrown in. More later...have a great day!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Living outta boxes pt 2

Wow...thought I was going to share some cool thing but didn't go through the boxes today. LOL. The only interesting thing I did was start a Ravelry group - Stashalong. ;)

I also just found out that my comments have been spammed. ;P. Its cool..I understand people get bored and jealous...but I'm not gonna be mean back. However, please keep your comments to yourself if you can't play nice. 'Nough said.

More from living outta boxes tomorrow - school starts. ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Living outta boxes

For the record, its the pits. LOL. You can't find anything when you need it. Yes, I labeled the boxes I packed but remember I don't live alone. ;). Now the problem was...it took 2hrs to make a cake..that's ridiculous. It was because I couldn't find the vanilla, bought too much flour, needed more baking powder so we went to the store. We returned the flour, bought baking pwdr - and ice cream ;), and the vanilla. We returned home and started again...but couldn't find the salt. It has been exhausting but I found the salt along w/the missing vanilla and now we have cake. Whew! That was a lot of work.

Must go now..so I get some. More on living outta boxes soon. Nite!

Feels good to be back ;)

Still living out of boxes but slowly getting things where they belong. Life has been changing but not ready to share the details yet. I forgot to mention that my new toy is my BlackBerry Curve. I took the plunge and purchased a plan phone which I'm lovin'. LOL I don't like the first bill but its totally worth it since I can keep up w/my email, text all day and use the net. The only down side is I can't access my yahoo groups so moderating, leading and such take a backseat til I can get to the library. I'm looking into getting internet at home again but the freedom of a few bills is sounding really good to me. Yeah I know, I have the car note and insurance but those are necessities. ;)

I'm looking forward to the weekend since it will be one of my last til the new year where I am off the entire time. I will be working for the holidays much like I did when our store opened ~ all the time. It will be ablast though ~ learning new stuff, making moola, and enjoying the season. My birthday is in 19 days...hmm better get a counter up so everyone will remember. I'm a bit excited but you all know how much I love my bday anyway. ;)
The kiddos are doing well though we haven't started school yet ~ gotta find the books. I will work on that this weekend so they can get started monday. It will be nice to be reading again, at least I think so.

Well thats all for now...gonna go and read emails, find a counter and update my groups. Have an awesome weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A month has gone by...

It has been a long one too. I'm sorry for my MIA but it was unavoidable. Life has been happening and is actually still outta sorts since most of our stuff is in boxes. I need to update with pics, knItting and life but its hard to do from my cell though I am getting the hang of it.

In brief...the following has happened:
* completed fair jobs
* won 2 ribbons - 1st & 3rd place
* rec'd awesome pkgs from my SP12 & ASSS pals
* sent my pkg to SP12 & ASSS pals
* moved to a new house
* bought myself a truck - Ford Explorer..red of course
* increased hrs @ work to pay for truck..lol
* started mtg friends & knitting again

That's all for now...my elbows are starting to hurt. Have an awesome week!