Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day.....

of the best time of year....and I didn't even get to enjoy it. Well I guess that happens when you are busy packing, moving and working. Though I missed the beginning of fall ~ I love the google image above and am excited that my fav time of year is here. I see lots are already talking about fav soups and activities. I'm hoping to share with you all soon but right now life has turn into a tailspin of activity that doesn't include blogging, knitting or any extras...just surviving. I know my life is probably easier than those hit by hurrican ike but nonetheless, I feel as though I've been hit by a hurricane.

Still no pics but I did find my elusive pattern for my CPH ~ yeah! But no knitting til the week of Oct 13th. I'll be looking forward to it. Better go now, need to get more boxes and pack more. Talk w/you all later.

Monday, September 15, 2008

On a roll.....

I'm officially on a roll with my fair work. Sorry I've been MIA but its unavoidable. Not only are we working the fair we are in the middle of moving. Woohoo! I'm excited about the move though it comes at a really awkward time with the fair work being 12hr days but its long overdue. More details, maybe, as that is finalized this weekend. My computer access will be very limited since I will not have home connection til the move is over and the fair ~ no library opportunities either. LOL

Anywho ~ I did manage to finish my baby afghan and I entered it in the fair and I entered a completed pair of socks too. They were ones I did in February but they count for being done in the past year. I'll let you know how they did next week after the fair starts.

I've so much to share and tell you but time is limited. I did get a lovely package in the mail from my Autumn Sock/Scarf swap pal ~ wonderful goodies including Mountain Colors sock yarn kit and candy corn. Yummy.

Well, I've gotta go. Pics and more soon. Nite!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


How are you good people doing?! I'm doing well and should be in bed but thought a shout out would be nice first. I've been going to bed early since in a week I'll be getting in closer to 1a each night and won't spend a great deal of time online.

Da Boy's bday was ablast though he spent most of his time at the skatepark and stayed over a friends last night. LOL I believe he had a great time and we are very pride of our now 16yr manchild. ;)

I'm almost finished my crocheted baby afghan ~ yeah! Especially since its now 3 yrs ~ that should not happen but it did. I've taught myself to do 2 on 1 circ so I'll be making a pair of monkey socks this week. I hope to be finished before Sat at 9am but if I don't no big deal. I've been not too motivated to knit but need to get my act together and start working on christmas presents and dh's birthday present.

Work is going well. We've had much progress and I'm getting things in order in case I don't do this next year. I thought it best to have a kind of manual for what I do so there is no guess work and not too much teaching by others who need to get their stuff done.

Well, I've hit the wall and don't have much else to say. Talk w/you all again soon. ;)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm very tired....

so whats new right?! Its ok especially since I brought it on myself. I started working 2 jobs yesterday and it is taking a toll since I've not gone to bed before midnight in over a month let alone the last 2 nights (I will tonight ~ yeah). I started my fair work and its going well. I went in with a game plan and to do lists and have successfully done about 1/2 of it. This means that it will be a piece of cake to pull this job off. That, my friend, is exciting news. I've decided to enter the fair and I'll tell you more about that after I enter just in case it doesn't work out.

Work at the store is still slow but we managed to get some cleaning done and thats always good especially a store our size and type ~hygiene a big deal. I have not been knitting much since the beginning of Aug but I am chugging along on a pr of footies for Da Boy who turns 16yrs on Sat. Wow ~ time is moving on without me. Its ok, I've cried all I'm going to cry and am just excited for him ~ his friends are having a bday party for him at the skate park. I thought that was awesome.

Well, thats all I've energy for ~ I feel like I've been hit in the head, my nose is stopped up and my throat feels a bit raw. I just finish a fit of sneezing which has caused these symptoms. Not sure whats going on but I believe its an allergic reaction to the carpet fresher hubby used. LOL

Have a great week and weekend.