Thursday, January 31, 2008

Outta Pocket

Hello everyone, sorry about the mia status but its unavoidable. Da Boy and I have been sick since Mon. Though his fever has broken, he's still achy and not holding anything down. Today has been the worse for me, I feel like I've been hit in the head or have a hangover. I took some of the night time cough syrup but I think its made matters worse. Instead of head pain and congestion, I've been sneezing, feverish and my chest hurts alot. I'm going back to bed, since breathing is an issue and I ache all over. I'm trying to read my emails but that seems to be difficult too. Oh well, I'll try to update again later but don't expect to hear from me before sunday. Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying the snow.

Have a great one!

PS ~ here are few progress pics.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pardon me, please....

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."
Psalm 51:10

as I previewed my blog, I noticed today's Motivation for Mother's and the above was part of the message. In light of my last post, I think I need to apologize for my "unright" spirit. I will not go to be bed angry and so, I publicly forgive the USPS for losing my packages and I forgive myself for not purchasing tracking ~ though I thought 2 day priority was good. LOL I want a right spirit and I want a right attitude about the things I venture to do whether it be swaps, writing summaries and devotions, teaching my children or sharing my life with others. You don't need my bad karma so, I apologize for my soapbox antics though I can't promise they won't happen again but I'll be sure to be kinder or simply don't post. ;D

Have a wonderful evening, I will ~ a good book, coffee and knitting.

Its official....

I believe I've figured out whats worse than not receiving a package in a swap ~ the non-arrival of packages you've sent. I'm very frustrated at this moment because of the disappearance of swap packages. I've never had an issue, I've never had a delivery issue ~ they've all been delivered, and I never would have thought it possible to lose more than 1. I now have 4 MIA packages and thats to the tune of about $150 not including the priority postage. I don't like losing money and this is lost money. I just recently found out about 2 of these lost packages which happens to have been ones I was sending out for my dd ~ Sk8Chick. Its not fair nor is it a good feeling because the person who was to receive this package now thinks you don't care, didn't send and flaked which is not true. I'd like to know how these packages get lost ~ you see, I sent out 2 packages on the same day and 1 arrived and the other didn't. It didn't even come back so where is it? Well, I could rant and rave all night because it even happened at my store ~ a package was picked up on the 18th and didn't arrive to its designation. After various phone calls, it arrived at our store yesterday with a note "Incorrect Zip code." Now go figure ~ you'd think someone would have called the sending party and said "hey, your package isn't going anywhere since its got the wrong zip code" or at least returned it. Yeah, I know ~ they returned it over 30 days later ~ it was a Christmas present.

Ugh ~ I'm tired and this just makes me mad and more tired. I love swaps, absolutely but I may have to reconsider whether I do anymore after the SI2Me2 swap. Its a lot of work, effort and time spent finding the right stuff, wrapping it and then sending it off ~ for it not to arrive. On top of that ~ the recipient feels left out of the fun. I've resent 2 of these packages and since I just found out about the other 2 ~ I'll have to figure out what to do about them especially since they were Sk8Chick's for her 2 swaps. It will workout, I'm sure and I will no longer do swaps during the holidays just to keep it simple.

Stepping down off my soapbox....;P
I've received some wonderful swap packages and I don't want anyone to be slighted on my account or the USPS. So if you were to receive a swap package from me and haven't gotten it, please email me. I am truly sorry for the delay and will fix it asap.

I'm off to do some knitting ~ my CPH is coming along nicely and dh's 2nd sock almost done. More on my other WIPs later ~ dh has returned w/my books from the library. ;D 2 are knitting books and the others are mysteries. Good nite!

~ at the homestead ~
smells ~ banana nut creme coffee/creamy chicken n noodles
sounds ~ audiobook ~ The Last Camel Died at Noon
doing ~ ranting/reading/knitting ;)
planning ~ to go to bed early

~ Warriors Update ~

The warriors are doing well, school is progressing slowly but we are almost back on track. I'm tweaking our schedule to get us in full gear but I can't seem to get myself into gear. heehee. Oh well ~ at least we accomplish what we set out to do each day and thats all that counts.
Here is our tentative daily schedule:

9a ~ Bible Study/History
9:30a ~ Math
10a ~ History
10:30a ~ Composition
11a ~ Break
11:15 ~ Copywork
11:30 ~ Science
12p ~ PE
12:30p ~ Lunch
1p ~ Music/Art
1:30p ~ English/Reading
2p ~ Chores

We will have tea times again but that will not start til the first full week in Feb. They will be volunteering on Fridays, so this schedule will be for Mon-Thur. We will have our poetry, shakespeare and handicrafts on Friday afternoons. I'll do a booklist after I finalize their literature selections. All in all, we are moving along well and planning is a breeze.

til next time ~ in the life & times of the Excelsior Warriors!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


What now ya'll?! The NY Giants are goin' to the Superbowl ~ woohoo! I'm totally hyped and can't wait for Superbowl 42. I'm may just miss the lys superbowl knit it. ;D

Congrats! Giants ~ you guys are awesome.
~ now back to our regularly scheduled discussion. heehee

things are well around here. I've been MIA working on dh's sock, school lessons and getting some rest. I watched Masterpiece Theatre's "Northanger Abbey" and wasn't impressed. I enjoyed some of the program but the ending was a disappointment again. Well, guess that says alot for culture regarding what they think people want to see as oppose to what would really have happened during that time period. Sad really, because it gives a very wrong impression to those who don't know and haven't been exposed other than by these types of films.

Work was a short day and I will be at work tomorrow. I have used my free day for stash enhancement and now looking for a suitable project for 5 skeins. I've already assigned the remaining 15 skeins to projects and will be casting on w/i the next 2 wks, so more to come on those things. I also ordered the needed yarn for my SI2M2 pal, so that will be OTNs next week. Yeah! I need to pick up needles for my CPH and my lace project ~ my yarn is slippery for the SOTSii and I only have metal needles in the size I need. Aurora is still on hold pending purchase of the remaining yarn needed so I'll update on that next week too.

Off to finish reading my CMSeries assignment. We are working on Volume 6 ~ last week's study pages were in the Introduction p1-15 and I just finished them and will be reading p16-21 for next week's. I need to post some thoughts and discussion questions. It will be very enlightening if everyone participates.

Have a wonderful week!

~ at the homestead ~
smells ~ dinner: grilled chicken breast, mixed greens and white rice
sounds ~ shouts of joy and Madden 06 PS2
doing ~ reading and knitting
plans ~ lessons and reading assignments

Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly Update

Whew! its friday and the weekend is underway. There is alot happening around here especially on the homeschool and knitting fronts. I'm still excited after last night's workshop and can't wait to get started making myself some things. Louisa reminded me of all the things I learned when I sewed and how much is similar in handknits. I've considered the similarities before and even after reading my friend Robin's blog about her sewing adventures, I kept wondering how I could use the two together. Now I have the answers, thanks Louisa, and I can't wait to get started.

Regarding school ~ it has been a very productive day and nice way to end a somewhat productive week. I finally got my head on straight again about it and spent my planning time outlining our coursework. This will greatly help me in planning our books, transcripts and daily work. I am so excited ~ yes I said it again. You see, I've been working backwards to my natural organizational habits. I'm a trained organizer and I wasn't organizing anything to my own habits and skills. Therefore, I was losing ground, completely frustrated and losing things around the house. Now I've not found all the lovely books I've planned to use nor have I completely gotten myself organized but I'm on the road to both and that is the main thing. I will be working on a syllabus ~ getting them ready for college, a master booklist per term, rubrics and grading system ~ for the transcripts, and weekly outlines for myself to follow. I'm looking forward to these last few years with them and I'm going to make the best of them. I will need to plan field trips and internships too but for now we will do our schoolwork, volunteer and make use of our fitness center memberships ~ which is plenty for now.

On to the knitting ~ well I finished my Monkey peds, yeah me! I hope my best friend likes them and doesn't peek at my blog before I get them off in the mail. ;D I will cast on for my Madder socks today but not the Aurora beret ~ I am considering finding the recommended yarn since the Castello actually isn't the right yardage for the project. I think it would be very pretty with it but it would require me to spend another $12 to complete. I'm sure I could but it would have to wait til the 1st of the month. I don't know but I'll figure it out. I will also cast on for the SOTSii, the first hint was sent today and over the next 8wks we will get clues/hints to what we are making. I can't wait ~ my first stole in lace. This should be fun. I'll post progress pics by monday w/the specs.

Off to get Riley ready to leave for the weekend. I'll be back later but I leave you w/dh's plain vanilla socks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ Louisa Harding ~

(picture coming soon)
Charming, delightful, creative, lovely and absolutely one of
my new fav people ~ plus you gotta luv that british accent. ;D

Tonight ~ I had the privilege to be one in a room full to meet, hear and talk w/Lousia Harding. She shared her history, her experience and the coming collection with us. It was absolutely wonderful. I now wish to visit England even more so I can see some of the places she mentioned. Her story is incredible ~ one I could totally relate to and enjoyed hearing. I would loved to have done half of what she's done, to meet and work with the people ~ that would've been truly awesome. Well, meeting her and future opportunities to meet others shall be enough for now. So on to the goodies I snagged:

Venezia ~ there are two books in this line but the cover of this one is my fav photo
(the awesome photographer is her dh)

(yarns ~ Castello #2 & Grace #12)
I'm planning to make Aurora using this yarn. I had to substitute "La Salute Quattro" with Castello but I do believe it will be very lovely. I shall cast on tomorrow afternoon its too late now and I'm a bit giddy and watching my bbc comedies. ;D

I also picked up "Enchanted Garden" which is filled w/lovely garments for children. She had all the samples and I can't wait to get started. I've my eye on "Pickles", "Jam Sandwich," and "Duchess." They are all very beautiful and I plan to fill my dds hope chest w/these and the Da Boy ~ well, it will be a baby chest. heehee Yes, I knew I'm planning early for the younger two and I know some of you think the styles may be outdated, I don't think so. They are lovely and almost classic styles. I plan to make Pickles for my little studmuffin (adopted godson/nephew ~ don't ask) and can't wait to see him in it. So I'll be getting some yarn soon.

Well, better go ~ more tomorrow! nite-nite ;D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whew its already the 15th

Incredible, isn't it?! Half the month is already gone but I'm not very sad since I can account for all but 3 days of it. ;D I am doing well, we all are actually. We are working on school stuff ~ I had to be wear my guidance counselor hat yesterday and they are coming along. I'll have to take time to write up our schedule, booklist and term dates but that can wait. I've not posted in over a week because I'm usually on too late to make intelligent conversation so I've been reading blogs, commenting if I'm alert, and visiting over on Ravelry. Since I was on early today, I thought I'd pop in and give a quick update. heehee

I'm knitting away ~ my 2nd socks are moving right along. The Monkey peds are almost done ~ doing toe decrease. The manly sock is in the stockinette round and round stage, so I've picked up a few books on cd to keep from going stir crazy while knitting. LOL I've finished off one cd ~ Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters. Its the first book in the Amelia Peabody series that my ds and I just love. I enjoyed this book alot and even listening to parts again while ds is listening ~ its that enjoyable. I've managed to get 5 1/2 chapters done of Emma but need to be thru 15 by Sunday and I also need to read my pages for the CMSeries study. I'll post more on that tomorrow when I do my summary to the group. I'm planning new knitting projects but having self-control on starting them til both 2nd socks are done. Yeah me! this way I will have some FOs to show off before talking about new OTNs though the SOTSii starts this friday and I can't wait. I will be using Cashwool in a lovely mocha color but need to obtain some wood or bamboo needles since I just found out the metal doesn't work well w/this yarn.

On the homefront ~ still no menu plan but I have cooked dinner 2x this week and planning what we will eat tonight. ;D I need to sit down and get this typed up but may just use the 4wk rotating menu plan I created a few years ago. That definitely would be simple, wouldn't it? Sk8Chick is at work, so is dh ~ Da Boy is at the skate park and Riley is somewhere around here trying out her bath & body works stuff. I'm knitting the toe of the sock between checking the weather and writing this post. I'm multi-tasking, hmm...I still can do that ~ wow! Since starting peri-menopause, multi-tasking was a curse since I couldn't remember what I was last doing or about to do. I'm glad to know I'm getting better though I don't want to do too much at once anymore ~ too tiring.

Well, I'd better go and get dinner somewhat started since everyone will want to eat soon or at least by 8p. Talk w/you all soon. Have a great evening!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

~ Goals ~

Wow its here ~ 2008 and I'm ready for it. On several of my groups everyone is discussing resolutions and goals. Challenging themselves for the new year. I've participated in a few of these and I wanted to make sure I posted my goals here. I find goals are easier to accomplish and you are motivated to fulfill them. They also can be elaborated upon and are foundations to doing more.

Goals for 2008 ~ well mine are actually goals for life since my birthday in November when I decided I needed to have something to look forward to each and everyday. Here they are in their simplest form:

1. Create and cultivate a simple lifestyle
2. Continue to challenge myself by reading a minimum of 2 books a month and doing puzzles
3. Develop my craft skills to include learning new ones
4. Spend more time developing relationships w/family and friends
5. Take time to pamper myself and rest

For the next 3 months, I will be working on small steps for my goals.
Goal #1
~ combine my blogs
~ spend less $ (which means fewer swaps)
~ make things by hand

Goal #2
~ use ebooks, audio books and mp3 player more
~ participate in book clubs/kals
~ complete puzzles during school

Goal #3
~ make a pr of socks per month
~ complete UFOs ~ colorplay vest :D
~ make a fitted sweater and hoodie for self
~ use lovely and growing stash

Goal #4
~ attend weekly knit-nites
~ start family game/movie nite again
~ have sunday dinners

Goal #5
~ spend at least 4hrs a week doing something for self
~ continue to get nails done
~ go to bed by 11p during the week (this is the hard one. LOL)

These are short and simple but will keep the focus on life goals not just quick fixes. I'm confident that I will see great results from my small efforts.

In other affairs:
We began school on thursday and will start formal lessons tomorrow. I will update on school once a week giving a brief overview. I am working on my notes for our local CM group and the online CMSeries study. In our monthly group, we are focusing on habit training which I need in our school and home. More on both of these later in the week.

I will also start menu planning again which will help w/simplifying my life. I will post those on either Sunday night or Monday morning, not sure just yet. In the past, it was on Mondays. I will be working on the blog template over the next week or two, combining my groups, links, friends list and webrings. I'm looking forward to having everything in one place though I didn't before. It definitely will be simpler though I will have more posts b/c I'd like things to be separate a little bit. ;D

I finished the first sock for both the Plain Vanilla and the Monkey Peds. They look very good ~ I tried them on and both are too big for me. ;D Thats good since they are suppose to be. Hubby loves his sock and can't wait for the second one. I hope my best friend loves the peds. I spent time this weekend taking pictures of my stash and uploading to Ravelry. I sent off my final swap packages and have one more angel package to do for the '07 swaps. I have officially decided to limit my swapping especially during the 4th quarter of the year ~ just too much going on and potential for error. It was not a very pleasant thing to have 2 of your packages to disappear, deal w/an ice storm, work 35+hrs a week at part-time job (though the $$ was a blessing) try to knit, shop for gifts/presents and get to the post office in a timely manner along with maintain a home, homeschool 2 teens and keep your sanity. Now I know others have done more but for me it seemed a bit much and I think I shutdown a few times though I made it through especially during the ice storm ~ the most peaceful time of the 3 months. I am looking forward to living simply just to restore that sense of peace.

Regarding swaps ~ I'm currently in one, "Sock It To Me Deux" which I'm enjoying (I'll post on my pal's socks later too). I found several that I'd like to do but I must let them pass in order for me to remain peaceful and actually live a simpler life. I've decided to limit my swapping to 3 a quarter for the first 3 and only one in the last. This should keep me plenty busy and it will be simpler to keep up with. I do plan to do lots of KALs, yeah for actually knitting. I'll update on that in another post, this one is long enough.

Have a great night all!

~ On the homefront ~
sounds ~ children coming in and out of house/dog barking/Handel's Water Music
doing ~ blogging/knitting and will be watching Jane Eyre pt 2 later
smells ~ pizza/fresh linen candle/oreo's (heehee)
plans ~ weekly menu/knitting/school lessons

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Under Construction

Please pardon my mess as I simplify my life ~ combining 4 blogs into one. I've decided its time to truly live a simpler life and I will be posting to this blog only. I will still have crafty content but it will now also include my thoughts, devotions and our school news. I spend too much time trying to keep all the blogs active and its time to let it go. The other blogs will still be accessible, for those interested, because of 2yrs worth of archives. I'm looking forward to only having one blog to monitor ....well, one personal blog to monitor.

Enjoy the new look and have a great week!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

~ Happy New Year ~

its been a wonderful Christmas and New Year~ very quiet and peaceful. I wish each and everyone of you a safe, prosperous, peaceful New Year. For my knitting friends, one filled w/lots of fiber and fos. ;D