Saturday, June 30, 2007

Whats up?!

man, do you ever have trouble coming up with titles? I'm going to have to get real creative in this area and soon. However, there are some new things happening around our homestead. I have started the washclothes I'm doing for the troops and I'm learning a few new things. I've got a couple of WIPs now and thats a good thing b/c the needles could get lonely.

As several swaps have come to an end as well as the SP10, which I'm going to miss, I've decided to join a couple of swaps. Yes, I know I said I was going to stop swapping for awhile but I had joined 2 of them prior to that decision and recently found a few really cool ones over on
Swap Bot that I wanted to be apart of. I hope my SP10 spoilee likes her final package. Hmm, I wonder if she ever figured out who I was from my clues.

Below are the plans, progress report and WIPs for July:

SAL Progress
As of today:
1. Baby Kimino done

2. No Sweat Socks Not Pedestrian Peds ~ working foot section of 2nd footie
3. Wristlets Two Tone Socks ~ 2nd pair done
4. SS ~ Baby Socks from Simply Baby book done
5. SS ~ 4 Dishcloths
*photos later ~ July 15 is my goal finish date and I'm right on schedule though losing my sock for 3 weeks didn't help. I think I'd finish by now if I hadn't. Oh well, at least I have it now and its almost done. Yippee!


(various colors in LB and SnC cottons)

My goals for this round:
6 dishcloths
4 washcloths
* the washclothes are for a charity project/the dishclothes ~ 2 for swaps and the others for christmas presents

Now I know this doesn't seem like much but given that July will be a bit busy for me, I'm staying conservative on my goals. Plus I've got some plans for knitting myself something special too. That is after those peds are done. ;D

~ Crochetalcoholic June: Tote/Beach Bag ~ purchased everything, need to pickup candy and will send off tomorrow. ;D
~ Yarn Addicts: Pink ~ purchased yarn; awaiting partner
~ I Love Sock Yarn ~ purchased yarn; awaiting partner
~ Dishcloth Addicts III ~ 2 clothes part of the above, have other items in stash and
will print patterns; awaiting partners
~ Chapstick/Lip Balm ~ have lip balm; awaiting partners
~ Tea Swap ~ purchased a really nice tea cup and saucer, need to gather tea and goodies; awaiting partner

~ not peds ~ 2nd footie
~ window pane washcloth in blue/white cotton
~ fetching wristlets
~ 2 dishclothes: yellow and shades of blue cotton
total of 5 items

Time to get back to knitting and drinking splendid West Coast coffee "Merlot" ~ absolutely divine. You might need to get yourself some. Yes, do get some and you won't regret it, I promise. ;D

ps ~ Robin, thx for sharing your iced tea favs. I'm adding them to our list
to try next week.

Friday, June 29, 2007

A few pics...

This is my bag from Wendy ~ isn't it lovely. Its currently full of cotton for my charity projects. ;D

This is a clearer pic of the "not peds" ~ I tried to get them to be identical but the heels are definitely different. LOL

This is my lovely dishcloth from Judy for our DIY Exchange. I love it! Very vibrant just like the colors of autumn.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good day to You

*Special Note ~ Dear NSPal, you are still in good graces with me. ;D I look forward to your lovely package when you are able to send it. No prob ~ have an awesome day.

Its a school work day ~ I'm planning our summer sessions and collecting books. I'm hoping to get this finished up today so we can start on Friday. I will be working on my charity projects this weekend, this time I am knittng washcloths for our troops. It is such an honor and privilege to do something to support and encourage them. I pray for them daily but this will be more tangible and I like that idea a lot.

Around the house, still spring cleaning ~ slow but coming along. The girls assignment is the bathroom today and Da Boy will work on the carpet and kitchen floor. Yes, our boy does housework, it will strengthen is character, given his life skills and keep all of us humbled because we are part of the same family working together. My father taught me that because his grandmother taught him that and there was't anything my dad didn't know how to do. Speaking of which, he taught me to sew and I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea for Da Boy too. He knows how to do basic hand stitching because I taught him that but to actually sew simple garments like ties, shorts and stuff, may come in handy for the db later in life. One never knows, does one. ;D

Its dreary here, still raining and is expected to rain for the next few days. I don't think we can take anymore rain but I'm praying that it drains off quickly since some areas are flooding. Don't like that, I've experienced being in a flash flood and being a flooded area, not pretty. The visit from the birds ~ cardinals, blue jays and robins, when its not pouring and the rabbits keep it a bit more pleasant though.

I've spent a few minutes today typing my blog posts in word while drinking my new coffee "Wild Divine" its very strong and flavorful. I'm enjoying it, thx Wendy. I hope she enjoys the organic blend I sent her, I've not tried it yet but the one she will get in the day or two is good too. I'm sending her some "Serena" which is also an organic blend from Starbucks which is absolutely delicious. ;D I wanted to share this with her because she was the reason I tried it.

I'm working on a meal plan since I was diligent to grocery shop this week and stayed under budget. Woohoo! Thats been a long time comin' but I managed it. If things go according to plan which means that I'm not extremely tired when I get home from work, we will have a delicious homecooked meal of baked fish, corn bread and string beans. Sk8Chick cooked last night, she prepared tuna salad which was very much welcomed on a hot day. She also made a large pitcher of iced tea ~ which is almost gone and I've not had any yet. ;D Anyway, I'm finding that the planning ahead keeps life a bit simplier which is really something I'm working toward which is why I've returned to typing my posts then copying and pasting them into the blog. It does save much time and frustration too. It also gives me more time to visit blogs, read and respond to emails and simply enjoy my time online.

Off I go to clean up my bathroom, prepare for work ~ need to finish my hair and nails, then back to my footie. Have a great day!

Whats goin' on....

Around here, lots. I worked the weekend at the store ~ which btw is a bear when its dreary outside and no one comes in. ;D I worked today but that was okay. Yesterday, I was exhausted, I think ~ I really don't know what was up w/me. I was tired, achy and just had no energy for anything. I did manage to take pics of the goodies I received on Friday though I need to go over and thank these folks publicly on the group blogs ~ sorry ;D I managed to finished off my first "Not Ped" and start the second ~ no one sock syndrome here. I spent a good deal of time working on the WUA squares and finished off the last charity hat. I didn't get to the wristlets but since it is an ongoing project, I'll get them done. I found a really cool pattern over at knitty's that Sk8Chick has been working on ~ she's done 2 sets and working on the 3rd. The pattern says they can be done in a weekend which she did and some. I may just venture to do these instead of the ones I had planned. They are called "Fetching" and are under the archives for gloves/mittens, if your interested.

Without further ado ~ here are my packages.
First up ~ SP10 reveal: The lovely Kris ~ please stop by and visit here and tell her I sent ya. She is an absolute wonderful woman. I am very grateful that she was my SP and loved everyone minute of the exchange.

Here is the group shot of my goodies:

~ Lovely yarn ~

~ Books & patterns ~

~ More yarn and Brittany needles ;D ~

~ Wonderful treats & chocolates ~

Next up ~ Knitters' Coffee Swap ~ from the lovely Wendy in sunny Cal. She is amazing and it was very hard to shop for this here lady ~ she is a spinner and dyes her own yarn along w/teaches knitting. Man, it wasn't easy but I hope I was able to get her something she could use. You can visit her here and if you are in her neck of the woods, make sure you stop in and see her.

Group Shot (please forgive me, my lovely "Yarn Garden" bag was in use so missed the photo shoot ~ I'll take one tomorrow :D)

~ Delicious yarn in reds ~

~ Yummy treats ~

~ Oh la la Coffee ~

~ Book & more ~

*close of up stitch markers coming
Here are the peds and I'm now off to bed b/c its almost midnight here and I'm tired.

I'll update this post tomorrow w/details of each package but gotta go, please forgive me ;D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Planning, Postman n Presents

Whew! lots going on around here. We are doing our spring cleaning ~ yes I know its summer but you have to do it when you have the time. I'm hoping to get most of it done by next week so that I can enjoy the summer. Plus by doing this cleaning, packing to move at the end of summer will be a piece of cake. Well, at least thats my theory. LOL I am going thru my books and taking a look at several to help with the cleaning and packing. We need a plan for our lifestyle b/c we will still be homeschooling for a couple days a week in the summer, can't pack everything up and will still need some items in order to be productive. I will be looking at my flylady stuff, my simplify your life books, my don aslett books and couple of others that I have ~ too many to name, in order to pick the right one for us. Who knew I had so many books on organization. It used to be a natural habit for me until recently. I've got to get my grove back, I hate not being able to find something I knew I own to avoid buying more than one. ;D You all know what I'm talking about plus it will greatly help me be prepared for the move, future swaps and the opening of our online bookstore. Yeah ~ online bookstore another way to declutter.

Now about the postman and presents. I received 3 packages in the past 2 days ~ details below:

May SPE (penpal group) Flowers theme
(erasers, wind chime, lei, mesh sponge, candles, bath soap, body lotion, 3D night light, nail buffer, coasters, note paper, journals and handheld fan. Thx Sherry ;D

April BABE ~ from my angel Debb ~
Kathleen Gilles Seidel book "More Than You Dreamed" ~ I've not read anything by this author so it should be good, 2 bookmarks, 2 hand knitted squares, 2 notecards, Book of Reflections, lovely handmade picture frame, notepad and a lovely handwritten card.
Thank you very much Debb.

May BABE ~ from Gina ~
2 Books ~ My 2nd favorite Robin Jones Gunn book "SisterChicks in Gondolas!" and an autographed copy of "learning to breathe gain" by Tammy Trent, Women of Faith cd, 3 skeins of Bernat's Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes in yellow n white, Mary Englebreit notepad and note cards, yummy peanut butter filled kisses and a beautiful note.

Thank you very much from one Proverbs 31 woman to another ~ you are awesome and a blessing!

I better go now and get back to work. I need to still get our math book printed, post on the BABE blog and send a couple of emails. Have an awesome day. Btw, if you get a chance ~ stop by the Yarn Harlot, she's got a really great post I'd think you all might enjoyed as much as I did.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

~ Picture Post ~

~ CrochetSwap May package ~

~ Superfluous Sock Swap Yarn ~

~ Two Needle Socks ~

~ compare pics of both pair of Two Needle Socks ~

~ Charity Knitting ~
Hats for Loopy Ewe Qtrly Project
Knitted n Crocheted Squares for Warm Up America
See ya later off to finish the extra hat and the squares above.

Once was lost and now....

has been found. Yes, folks the missing sock and project bag has been located. Now the funny thing is ~ how did it get in the completed basket?! Don't know but glad I was looking for some finished charity projects to mailout when I found it. Yeah! So now I can get the first finished and start the second. So for my SAL update: I only have one project left from the original and thats these here socks ~ "No Peds". Thats a nice feeling.

Btw, I finished the 2nd pair of Two needle socks which also completed my comparing project. The new socks are much smaller (pic later) than the first pair though I used the same pattern size, same needles but used the recommended yarn. What a difference it made. Though they are both nice socks, I will take care to read my labels more carefully so that I don't have these surprises in the future. I hope I can find some lovely toddler who will take these socks ~ b/c they are definitely too big for any of the newborns. ;D

I'll update tomorrow with pics and the new WIP count ~ found some stuff I had laid aside, not much but worth mentioning and maybe done by then too.

Have a great evening.

Monday, June 18, 2007

What a weekend....

Its been very busy around here mostly getting packages mailed and ready for mailing. Whew! I thought planning and shopping for the goodies was fun but I think wrapping them and packing is the most fun. So, SP and various swap partners be on the lookout ~ there are some goodies headed your way. I've managed to take pics of some of the goodies that aren't to be a secret, they are listed below. Yesterday was dh's day ~ we gave him his present the night before so that he would enjoy it while I was at work. Well, he decided not to open it until suggested cooking dinner with it. I must tell you, I was pleasantly surprised when he not only opened it, cleaned it but he cooked dinner. ;D It was his day and he blessed us with dinner, now thats an awesome day if I say so myself. We had grilled chicken ~ with some very peppery season of his choice, white rice, salad and french bread. Yummy! We even got to spend the afternoon together because I was allowed to leave work early. ;D

Here is what we gave him ~ sorry its abit blurred but its a George Foreman grill and cleaning sponges. He was very happy!

Now on the knitting n swapping front:

I finished my 2nd pair of Two needled socks. They are lovely and I'll take a pic once I seam them up.

I finished the DIY Exchange cloth and its time to send it out. Oh, this is so much fun. I get to share something I made with something someone else gave me. Its extra special and I hope my partner likes it. Here is the finished cloth. I used the daffodils pattern from my other dishcloth group ~ hopefully you can see it. It is a bit smaller than the other 2 I made but I believe its still lovely.

I participated in another Magic Ball Swap. We were to wrap things to pamper our partner in the yarn and I had a lot of fun getting this one together. I really hope Knittygurl likes it.

(these are the items selected for the ball ~ the body cream is missing that was also included)

(this is the yarn I used ~ Cascade Sierra in a lovely purple)

(this is the finished ball ~ it sure is round huh?! ;D)

I've ordered some books, cds and yarn and hopefully everything will arrive on time for my remaining swaps. I really am looking forward to the cd arrival and send out ~ its extra special. My coffee swap partner is doing well and I've wrapped up her coffee and goodies ~ her yarn is being special delivered. ;D So all thats left is to continue sending clues to my spoilee and wait for the postman.

I've nothing on the needles at the moment ~ well outside of the lost sock which I still haven't found the project bag. LOL I am thinking about picking up the white baby kimino and get that over and done with. I'm kinda bored but that should be remedy really quick with several new cloth kals that have started. I think I just need to spend some time outside and get a new perspective. I am working on my love walk and have been challenged lately in this area which may mean I need to spend more time working on it. ;D Its all good and I'm sure these tribulations shall pass too ~ they always do for God is soo much bigger than it all and He is why I do what I do.

Have an awesome day all!

~ at the homestead ~
dinner ~ cornbread, chicken and rice w/a salad
(got a great deal on chicken breast ;D)
sounds ~ Kenny G
smells ~ BBWs Kitchen Spice ~ smells like cookies today
planning ~ school and fun
doing ~ blogging, reading and soon to be bird watching & knitting
thoughts ~ Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.
(1 Jn 4:11)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

~ Happy Father's Day ~

"Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord; that walketh in his ways.
For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands:
happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.
Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house:
thy children like olive plants round about thy table.
Behold, that thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord."
Ps. 128:1-4

May we always remember to honor and revere our fathers!

Looks like I'll hafta....

breakdown and get a new computer and a new car. Ok, lets backup a bit. As you know, I've just returned from my roadtrip to NC but what you don't know is that the friday before I wrecked my car. ;D I was taking my kiddos and a neighbor kid to the potluck at our fav LYS when I hit a curb. The damage was to the right side of the vehicle to include the tire that needed to be replaced and the rear one which was new. After the tire shop checked out the van, we found out that I had done way more damaged than first appeared to the tune of $2500. Needless to say, I don't have that kinda of cash laying around besides the van isn't worth it either. So we have been car shopping for the past 2 weeks while driving a rental. It has been a bit of a frustrating search because my dear computer decided it doesn't want to work online anymore. I even tried 3x to do this post but it either timeout, get stuck or won't let me on the net at all. We really need to get a new computer, one that is faster, sleeker and maybe even 2 of them. We've been using a refurbished computer with dialup for about 3 yrs and its worked well until now. We are doing more online, plus there are 5 of us using it and some of the sites we use the computer just can't handle the graphics.

So, if any of you have a car for sale or know of one and have a good computer and internet service recommendations ~ please send them my way. I'd greatly appreciate it so that my computer time can be reduced from 4 frustrating hours to 1hr of total enjoyment.

On the knitting front ~ I finished both dishclothes (pics later today because I can't upload new pics to the computer when I'm online it freezes the computer plus I'm off to work. LOL) and I am doing the toe shaping for the baby socks. Need to get those wristlets done ~ not as motivated as I once was on those and may switch to making another baby hat. I'll need to complete either by friday to mail out to Loopy Ewe. We are wrapping up swaps and it looks like I'll be sitting out for the next few months because its not as much fun as it was in the beginning. Don't miss understand, I've enjoyed my SP10 pal ~ she's awesome, I've enjoyed spoiling my sp ~ thats been the best part, I've enjoyed my Crochetswap ~ those have been totally great, I really liked my sock swap ~ pretty cool yarn; but there is so much to keep up with, difficult and unfriendly people to deal with let alone how to respond when people don't follow through and you don't get anything and the biggie ~ the slow, uncooperative computer. I believe the difficult people is truly the reason I'm sitting out for a bit ~ they make it not worth the effort and remove the fun of it all. I'm sure I'll do them in the future but I need to focus on other things for now and then I'll think about being a blessing again.

Time to go to work ~ talk w/you lovely people later. Hope you all have a wonderful day of knitting, eating and spoiling dad.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Updating, its a bit late....

hopefully, better late than never. I have been out of pocket since last tuesday because of a trip to NC. This trip was like a continual education class for me. You know being a homeschool mom, I need to keep current to be effective. Anywho, it was an opportunity to meet some other moms and educators who use Charlotte Mason principles. It was great because Sk8Chick and I got to talk, share and enjoy each others company on the 16hr drive. She also got to spend time alone w/God while I was in class, I believe that was really awesome for her. I was able to be around some of my mentors, especially my dear friend, Leslie. It was nice to meet some of the people I talk to online and put a name with a face. The yarn shops were about 1hr away but time just didn't permit but its okay because we made some new friends and I would much rather have them.

Just before I left, I received 2 packages in the mail. I haven't been able to take pictures but I must note them so that the senders know how much I loved them. Especially this first one because its due to Good Yarn Karma (click link in sidebar) that I was able to snap this lovely up from the generous Chelsea ~ Vogue Knitting Vintage Collection. Its so awesome ~ classic knits from the 1930s -1960s. I can't wait to make something. It will be a dream come true b/c I've wanted to make something but never have. I own several sewing patterns for this era but still never made anything.

I also received my swap package from my partner in the Crochetswap (click link in sidebar) ~ she sent me some love things. I hope my partner liked what I sent her as much as I liked mine. In my box was the following (pic later): six stitch markers in a storage case, lovely yarn ~ New England Highland wool High Bluegrass, metal circular needles size 3.5mm, post it note pad, lovely journal w/pen, bag of candy, 2 patterns in sheet protectors ~ socks and wristwarmers, measuring tapes, votive candles and holder, Black Cherry Berry tea ~ yummy, 2 tropical lip balms, and last but definitely not least one of my wish list books ~ Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot. Oooh, Mary was too good to me. It was a great package and I will have take a pic so you can see just how lovely.

I also received my sock yarn from my Superfluous Sock yarn swap. My partner Lexy had a family situation which delayed her sending my package (still praying). So as a thank you for waiting, she sent me 2 balls of yarn. Yeah me! The first ball is sock yarn ~ On Line Linie 3 supersocke 100 highland color ~ Partie. I can't wait to knit this up. I've been wondering about this yarn after seeing a post on my WhoduKnit blog. Now I have my very own. The second ball is not labeled but is truly beautiful. Its a mix of colors that remind me of a sunset. I will definitely need to take a pic so you can see its beauty.

On other fronts ~ I just found out that I have won a few things. Woohoo! Over on the Knitters Coffee swap ~ my entry for the coffee yarn and pattern was chosen. Yeah! I also correctly answered a trivia question for our May book over at WhoduKnit. I got to pick a book and I've chosen "Needled to Death" which is the second book to Knit One, Kill Two. Now thats a way to return from a long trip I'd say. It appears that I also correctly answered a riddle on my penpal group. The fun just keeps coming. You all need to join in, I promise you'll have a grand ole time.

Whew! I'm whipped now ~ need more sleep. I recently returned from hanging out at our local Starbucks w/my girls. There was a local band playing so we stayed and listen. I tried a new coffee ~ Serena, which is a medium bodied organic blend. I really enjoyed it ~ both cups. ;D I managed to knit more on my dishcloth ~ almost done now, played mexican train w/Sk8Chick ~ which I beat her 4 straight games (this doesn't happen usually), and I took pics of my knitting with that lovely cup of coffee. I'll try to upload them ~ I haven't figured out how yet, they are on my new camera phone. We made some new friends and I look forward to meeting them and hanging out at the Starbucks again. The band was "The Winter Wake Up," they are from Kansas.

Regarding swaps ~ I've picked up the last of the goodies for most of them and will get them out tomorrow. I still need to do something about my coffee swap b/c I don't have her address. LOL That can be fixed though, she's been recovering from twisting her ankle. I hope she is doing well. Its time for our last SP10 packages and to reveal ourselves. I'm setting up clues for my spoilee and hopefully she'll figure out who I am. ;) A few of my swap groups are taking summer breaks and I believe its time for me to take one too. Swapping is fun but it requires a lot of time and effort that I am short on at the moment. The store is having a big sale which requires more hours, the kiddos have some summer school work to do, I need to plan our next term.....and the list goes on. I don't want to be a slacker or fail to give my best so being off for the summer is going to be a good thing. It will also allow me an opt to re-stock and buy some yarn specifically for giving.

Now off to find a really cool tote bag pattern for my june crochetswap and get some sleep. I picked up the yarn tonight for a really good price and I'm so excited. I just may be able to get this in the mail tomorrow too. Now that would be somethin'. Talk w/you later.

My June Swap Preferences

~ Tote/Beach Bag Swap ~

Do you like bigger or smaller tote/beach bags?
Prefer totes either small or big
Do you like bright colors?
Dislike colors?
Do you like plastic handles or other?
Do you like knit or crochet bags?
What do you put in your tote/beach bags?
Books, projects and swap packages ;D

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm back, did ya miss me......

Whew! it was a very long trip but so worth it. I didn't manage to do much knitting but thats okay. I did manage to interest others in knitting, meet someone whose husband makes craft items from wood ~ dpn plans in the works and talk to some about knitting mysteries. ;D I hope everyone has been doing well in my absence. My family missed me and that was really nice. Riley let me know just how much when I announced that I'd fix dinner for today. Her response "Yeah! she's cooking dinner." In my absence, dad did his best but he didn't go shopping for groceries or cook dinner. I thought she'd like the treat of eating out but she'd preferred to eat at home. That was a lovely compliment, I think. :D

Here is the progress report I shared on SAL ~ didn't want to retype or have to rethink what I wanted to tell you. :D

I've been doing very well, if I say so myself. I've just returned from my trip and I am happy to report ~ I didn't purchase any yarn nor did I visit any yarn shops. I did want to visit some but time never presented itself so I didn't. My daughter and I drove to Boiling Springs, NC last wed morning (1a) and arrived about 6p for me to attend a conference. We were hoping to drive to Charlotte to checkout a few yarn shops but that didn't happen so we are planning another road trip. It was good thing too since I haven't finished my 5th item in order to purchase yarn and I would have probably ended up with a strike.

Although, I didn't get a strike, I've unfortunately managed to strike out on the Kal n a Kal for not posting. ;( Sorry, as I mentioned in my Jun 1st post ~ I wasn't near any computers the entire 5 days I was gone. It was a blessing and now could be consider a possible curse. LOL Anyway, congrats to those of you who finished. Thats great and I'm excited to see who else finishes.

Regarding progress on my goals ~ there is only my No Peds that were left from my list to complete. However, I've got bad news ~ I've lost my sock. Yes, you read that right. I lost the whole project bag. I've no idea what I've done with it ~ I can vision it in my mind's eye but haven't got a clue to where it is. LOL I am hoping to find it soon b/c I was at the toe shaping then ready to start the 2nd sock. Hmm, maybe it'll turn up later today when I cleanup. Since I can't find it, I've started the following:
1. dishcloth for a swap partner
2. dishcloth using King Tut cotton yarn from a recent swap
3. another pair of Two Needle Socks ~ almost done too ;D

Off to find the lost knitting bag, cleanup the computer table and get dinner ready. Talk with you all later ~ will be updating with pics from my recent packages. Lovely things sent to me in the mail.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

~ Outta Here ~

I'm off to spend the week learning new ways to torment teach my dc.
Have a great weekend and I'll update as soon as I return.
~ Bah-bye ~

Monday, June 04, 2007

Quite busy around here today....

Besides working the floor set for my pt job ~ I've been working on book studies, blog updates and knitting. ;D I have made progress on a new pair of "two needle socks" (pic below) and I've started my dishcloth for the DIY Exchange. I've never used King Tut yarn before. It is working very nicely ~ its smooth yarn but does split abit. It reminds me of LBs Microspun a little. I think I will have to add this to my stash when I get to enhance it.

Did some spring cleaning in my kitchen this morning. Deep cleaning really ~ took the time to vacuum the diningroom and livingroom thoroughly. I'm lovin' my kitchen counters being free of stuff. It looks lovely. I'm thinking of adding hooks and magnets so that I can start using my knitted dishclothes. I would love to display them too. I'm planning to add knitted potholders and towels too ~ in my kitchen colors which are changing. ;D

Well, its really late and I need to be up early ~ more tomorrow. Here are the pics from today's knitting:

*DIY Exchange Cloth

*2 needle socks in Baby Cashmerino

Saturday, June 02, 2007

2 on 2 Progress

The socks are done. I finished them this evening while I was working to de~ stress. Life has thrown me a curve ball or two this week and I'm not rebounding well. However, I am finding working w/my hands is very medicinal. I usually clean when I'm stressed but today I didn't have the calm to clean so I knitted after a nap. I am not sure what happen to my socks though. The size was for 6mos but they are huge. I'm thinking it was the yarn since it is abit thicker than the Baby Cashmerino DB's pattern calls for. Hmm, now I see why she recommends not subbing the required yarn for her projects. Anywho, I think they are wonderful and very warm. I will be washing them ~ spilled Pepsi on them last night ~ then deciding which baby package they will go in. I've given yarn details under the finish pic. I've finished my second pair of socks. ;D

Must go now and relax. I am planning to start another pair using DBs Baby Cashmerino and see how different they turn out. Have a wonderful evening.

(finished socks on circs)

Two Needle Socks ~ Debbie Bliss pattern

Yarn ~ Lane Cervinia (almost all of the 50g)

Color ~ Madrid 2012

Size ~ 6mos

Needles ~ Circ 3s

My KAL w/i a KAL

Over at SAL we are doing a KAL w/i a KAL and for the month of June we are committing to finish selected WIPs/UFOs. I've selected 2 of mine, the white baby kimono and the fingerless wristlets. I must get the wristlets done to be mailed out for my charity challenge and I've only got this month left. Where did the time go anyway?! Oh well, no need to complain, I just need to get busy.

Well, the camera is not working wonderfully at the moment so please bear w/the pics ~ they are a bit dark and blurry. Hmm, wonder if its really me.....nay, its the camera. *I'll retake them in the morning light, promise. ;D
Baby Kimono
LB Microspun ~ lily white
Size 6s
(right sleeve and front to knit then seam)
Fingerless Wristlets
LB Woolease ~ variegated blue/green
Size 10s
(originally started then frogged to stitch holder)

Off to get started. ;D