Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SAL Day #1 ~ Lesson in Self Control

I almost blew it today ~ yes, you read that right. I almost cheated and bought yarn. I went into Walmart to buy some cheese and lettuce. I decided to take a look at their needles while I was there. I decided to get the double pointed ones because dd needed them to make something and I had some extra $$. I returned to the section after picking up my items and decided to get another set of needles for myself. I selected a short set of 11's, then it happened. I found these beautiful skeins of yarn in colors that were rich and lovely. I stopped and was about to pickup a few up when I realized what I was doing. I didn't do it ~ nope not one skein did I buy. You can read more here.

I left Walmart with 4 packages of knitting needles, a list of new colors and more knowledge on label reading. I especially needed the last one since I usually purchased yarn if it was lovely, lovely & on sale or one I normally use and am familiar with. I never really considered weight, fiber type, needle/hook recommendations, just bought what I wanted and that was that. I am enjoying this new knowledge and experience. I can see how it will enhance all my craft endeavors and make me a more conscious shopper in the process. I really have to watch how I spend my money as well as not cheat on my commitment to destash. I was just like someone in withdrawal. Wow, who knew that it was that bad, I sure didn't but I'm glad I was successful and will avoid this in future.

I'll share more later especially my tools list, since I typed it in this post earlier but blogger is glitching and it deleted the majority of my post. I had to start over and I don't have the energy to type it now. LOL Off to bed with me, its late.

Have a great day!

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