Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First 30 days!

I have been SALing now for 30 days and I love it. It has been the incentive I needed to keep working even when it is warming up outside. I now take it with me. LOL Before, I only did handcrafts from fall thru winter, while snuggled indoors. Once it starts to warm up, I’d leave my projects til next fall. Most of the time, I only purchased enough yarn to finish a project or worked on a cross-stitch item that can be easily picked up again. Since I began homeschooling, I have collected more yarn than I had imagined in hopes of using it for school projects. I even had charity yarn I’d forgotten about. It was made apparent that I needed a better and more efficient plan. ; ) Thanks to SAL, I have one, plus it is a lot of fun to see what others are doing, be motivated by their progress, glean new ideas, and share my own trials and successes. It has been a wonderful experience for me.

Here is my progress report:
Goal ~ destash 24 oz
1. scarves ~ 1 done 2 oz
2. washclothes ~ 4 done 3 oz
3. afghan squares ~ 5 done 4 oz
~ gifted navy blue ball ~ 3 oz
total as of 3/12 = 12 oz (yeah! half way there)
*balance is WIPs, so I’m hoping to have it all used up by or before my finish date.

On my free day, I increased my stash by 45.5 oz:
~ bath mat - done 12 oz
~ washclothes - 2 done 2 oz
~ dishcloth WIP ~ 2.5 oz
total decrease = 16.5 oz (29 more to go)
*this does not include yarn for secret pal gift nor 16oz of cotton my daughter is now using. One thing I did manage to do was delegate all but 3.5 oz to a project which will ensure that I use it up quickly - you can read more here.

My original plan has been slow and steady. I’ve learned that I must keep variety, to include lots of color, in the stash selection so that I don’t get bored. This is all a learning process for me and I am looking forward to the next 30 days and beyond.

Happy Destashing!

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