Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yarn Shopping

Yes, folks you read that title right. I went yarn shopping today and had a blast. Now before you start reminding me about my Stashalong commitment ~ remember I'm part of at least 4 swaps. ;D I had to p/u some needed yarn to give these nice ladies. I will confess, I found the most beautiful sock yarn but I resisted. I agree with the motto of Loopy Ewe ~ "Sock Yarn doesn't count as stash", but I refrained and stuck to my purpose. I did pickup the Vogue Knitting Winter *(correction) 06/07 magazine for half off. Here is a pic of that lovely sock yarn ~ its Jitterbug Mardi Gras #155

The LYS I visited was having a birthday sale this week. They had some lovelies on sale too ~ definitely need to finish off 2 projects by monday to take advantage of the 30% off. Though I didn't get any yarn for myself, I picked up some goodies for my SP10, our NSPals and for CrochetSwap pal. I plan to go back on Mon to checkout some stuff I didn't have time to visit with today. I'd love to share pics but you will have to wait until after both of the secret swaps are over. Sorry ;(, I don't want them to accidentally find me and know who I am by what I sent. I know you understand, cause you loves me. ;D I also visited Michaels and picked up some needles for another swap using my 40% coupon ~ Woohoo!

Other things going on here:
I'm trying to make stitch markers for another swap. This is slow work. It looks so easy but for some reason its not working out to be so easy, at least for me. I will persevere and get these markers ready and outa here. Once I get the package ready, I'll post a pic ~ I can post the CrochetSwap b/c its not a secret.

I've agreed to help w/making 7x9 squares for the Warm Up America project. I've managed to complete 3 squares w/3 more in progress. Of the first 3, 2 are crochet and 1 knit. The others are 2 knit and 1 crochet. Crochet is so much faster for me but I want to get my knitting skills and speed up, so I've got 2 OTNs. So far, I think I've only used about 2 oz of odd ball yarn. Not much but something in my book. I'll post pics before sending them out.

Well, I'd better be going ~ need to get a few packages put together to go to the PO on Tues. Lots of goodies being mailed out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Jane said...

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by to visit and love your blog!
Jane (Whoduknit)