Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm back, did ya miss me......

Whew! it was a very long trip but so worth it. I didn't manage to do much knitting but thats okay. I did manage to interest others in knitting, meet someone whose husband makes craft items from wood ~ dpn plans in the works and talk to some about knitting mysteries. ;D I hope everyone has been doing well in my absence. My family missed me and that was really nice. Riley let me know just how much when I announced that I'd fix dinner for today. Her response "Yeah! she's cooking dinner." In my absence, dad did his best but he didn't go shopping for groceries or cook dinner. I thought she'd like the treat of eating out but she'd preferred to eat at home. That was a lovely compliment, I think. :D

Here is the progress report I shared on SAL ~ didn't want to retype or have to rethink what I wanted to tell you. :D

I've been doing very well, if I say so myself. I've just returned from my trip and I am happy to report ~ I didn't purchase any yarn nor did I visit any yarn shops. I did want to visit some but time never presented itself so I didn't. My daughter and I drove to Boiling Springs, NC last wed morning (1a) and arrived about 6p for me to attend a conference. We were hoping to drive to Charlotte to checkout a few yarn shops but that didn't happen so we are planning another road trip. It was good thing too since I haven't finished my 5th item in order to purchase yarn and I would have probably ended up with a strike.

Although, I didn't get a strike, I've unfortunately managed to strike out on the Kal n a Kal for not posting. ;( Sorry, as I mentioned in my Jun 1st post ~ I wasn't near any computers the entire 5 days I was gone. It was a blessing and now could be consider a possible curse. LOL Anyway, congrats to those of you who finished. Thats great and I'm excited to see who else finishes.

Regarding progress on my goals ~ there is only my No Peds that were left from my list to complete. However, I've got bad news ~ I've lost my sock. Yes, you read that right. I lost the whole project bag. I've no idea what I've done with it ~ I can vision it in my mind's eye but haven't got a clue to where it is. LOL I am hoping to find it soon b/c I was at the toe shaping then ready to start the 2nd sock. Hmm, maybe it'll turn up later today when I cleanup. Since I can't find it, I've started the following:
1. dishcloth for a swap partner
2. dishcloth using King Tut cotton yarn from a recent swap
3. another pair of Two Needle Socks ~ almost done too ;D

Off to find the lost knitting bag, cleanup the computer table and get dinner ready. Talk with you all later ~ will be updating with pics from my recent packages. Lovely things sent to me in the mail.

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Crochetoholic Debb said...

Welcome back...You were missed....What no yarn or were soooo good...LOL