Thursday, July 26, 2007

Doing things ~ great things....

I finished off 2 of the 4 WIPs dishcloths and that was a nice feeling. I decided to start using some of the yarn I've received in recent swaps. So on a road trip, I made one crocheted cloth, pattern that was sent with the yarn, and began another pinwheel cloth. I finished off both of them and I really like the colors ~ PnC's Jewel. I've also finished off another grandmother's cloth in PnC Ecru ~ yarn I received from my SP10 pal. ;D I also created my first "geeky thing"

using LBs Microspun. I wanted to make the "Cozy" pattern on but didn't get gauge so back to the drawing board and stash pile for the yarn. ;D

Now that I really want to work thru my new stash, I've started planning. My Louet linen in red, which I received from my No Sheep Pal ~ I plan to make a bath set for myself but need to find a pattern. I've decided to make a hand towel w/the Red PnC I just received in the dishcloth swap. My KnitPics Shimmer, I want to make a shawl with. The color is lovely and its lace weight. I am new to lace and I will be learning so the pattern must be for beginners. I got some help w/this last night at the knitters meeting my girls and I went to, more on that later. I will also make more cloths w/the rest of the cotton my SP gave me too ~ these are becoming a great car and waiting for web page to load projects. I'm enjoying them very much plus they work well. I've used 2 of my new ones already and love, you hear me ~ love them. Don't know how I've lived this long w/o them. ;D Hmm, I think another pair of "not peds" are in the works using my goodies from the love sock yarn swap. This would give me about 5 or so projects on the needles not including the cloths because they go so quickly. Well, K-Bober's can't say that I'm slackin' now. ;D

So let's see this in goal format:
1. Bath/Spa set ~ Louet Linen, red
2. Hand towel ~ PnC, red
3. Shawl ~ KnitPics Shimmer, Happy Dance
4. Not Peds ~ Garnstudio Fabel, 543
5. Argoyle Socks (for hubby) ~ Sport weight Sock yarn, navy/cream/remnant
6. Baby blanket ~ Caron's Simply Soft, white
* Dish/wash cloths ~ PnC/SnC/LB, various

I've sent off the last of my swap bot packages, my no sheep reveal ones and now relaxing and wondering why I got into swapping. ;D It is so much fun, so addictive but can be way more expensive than one actually bargained for. I can see how it wouldn't be if you were using stash, but for me the majority of my stash doesn't qualify ~ acrylics ~ and the others are gifts that I love too much to part w/so I end up buying in order to participate. I love the lip balm ones though, I don't have to do anything but go thru my stash, write a note, put in an envelope and send. Only costs me postage, Yeah! So I'm doing the next round on this because it was so much fun. However, I dropped several of the other swaps I was in due to time, lack of income and just plain common sense. ;D I unfortunately got some of my new friends hooked on swap-bot but they did hear my warnings and are not diving in head first. LOL Speaking of my new friends, there is a local knitting group that meets weekly at Panera's and I'd been meaning to go and visit them but never did. Last night, the girls and I went and had a blast. At first, the girls were not comfortable so we didnt' sit w/them or near them. After meeting my fellow yahoo group member, my kiddos were persuaded to join the group and they liked them alot. I learned a lot about lace shawls and myself ~ that I need to practice first, develop the skill then tackle the lovely lace shawl I would love to own. ;D Glad I went if no more than getting that bit of information. So back to the planning stage and will be learning some new things over the next few weeks.

On the homefront ~ the a/c was serviced today. It had freezed over somewhere and was all clogged up. They cleaned it out and got it running. Yeah! I'm sitting here enjoying the feeling of being almost cold. Its been so hot lately, but only in the house. It was quite frustrating to go outside and find it cooler than inside. Glad its over though and we can have a comfortable home again. Don't know if I mentioned it before, but we are looking to move though it will now be after we get a vehicle. Still no prospects but I'm hopeful, the Lord is still in control and knows our needs. My menu plans are off a day or two because of the heat and I don't even know what we ate last night but we had last night dinner today. LOL ~ creamy chicken over noodles and french bread. Delicious!

Time to go now ~ I don't think I should stay up late tonight. I went to bed after 2a but amazingly I wasn't tired and I didn't have to drive hubby to work at 5a. ;D Talk w/you all soon.


Kat said...

Your dishcloths look awesome!!

Don't be too intimidated by lace--to me, the hardest part is sticking with it. Those yarns are small so it takes longer to do something big. LOL!

Pick what you want to work on, and I'll be happy to help any time. (I answer questions all the time--I think Rori, Tracy, and Kim have my number on speed dial! LOL)

Good to hear that your A/C is fixed. It's not fun to be hot all the time!

Hope to see you at Panera again soon!

Knitting Granny said...

I love your round dishcloths! And I like the idea of knitting (or crocheting) dishcloths as on-going, easy-to-transport projects. Better than socks, I think. (You can never have too many dishcloths, and they make great little gifts...) I am struggling with lace - but I love it. Part of my problem is that my eyesight isn't the greatest and it's hard to see the lace yarn against the bright silver needles. I can only do about one row at a time. But all the false starts and frogging have taught me oodles.
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful work - I have even more ideas what to get for your package!

None Ofyourbizness