Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One Skein Challenge

Are you ready?! Well, I’m getting there and I’m excited too. Our new KAL in a KAL is a One Skein Challenge with a twist. In order to win this month, you have to be the one to make the most one skein projects. Sounds easy right, but you only have 3 wks to get it done. Why you say? Because we aren’t getting started this week but next week and posting each week thereafter. Now did she make this one a true challenge or what. I’m up for it though and I even gotten some help from my friends. I was at our weekly knitting group mtg last night ~ Hi K-Bober’s ~ and I asked some of them for their opinion as I looked through the One Skein and One Skein Wonder books. I’m looking forward to making a few things that are not dishcloths. LOL It should be lots of fun to see which of us wins. I will be posting my yarn pics after I finish going thru the stash. Yes, you read that right ~ going thru the stash ~ this is Stashalong remember, no new yarn for this baby. ;) Plus if I get rid of stash by making gifts then I can buy more stash, right?!

I also received some help with my lace shawl and I started on it today. I am a bit concerned with the yarn because its so tiny and woolly ~ meaning its picks, but I love the way the pattern is turning out. I’m 3 rows from starting the actual lace pattern and I can’t wait. I had to switch stitch markers 3x because my metal ones were picking the fiber. Sk8Chick loan me one of her plastic ones and I will have to add some of these to my collection though I believe I received some in a swap but don’t know where I put them. LOL

Speaking of don’t know where I put things, I’ve been cleaning up around here and it feels good to find things you thought you lost or didn’t even know you owned. I’ve been working in the master bedroom because that’s where I store my stash. ;D Its coming along very nicely too. I’ve managed to sort all the yarn and place them in an order that will work well for now. I’ve got all the speciality, gift/present and sock yarn in one tote ~ all the yarns are in bags within the tote to protect them. I’ve placed all the acrylic and fun yarns in another and I had to put the cotton and baby yarns in separate boxes. I still have to figure out what to do with the frog pond bags and old ufo’s ~ they are not as many as they once were but still a bag of each is too much. I may box them up since I’m packing for our move. This will help with the main packing too because everything will already have been packed. ;D

Today, I will work on the books in my room ~ so many books, not enough space. We love books so there are books in every nook and cranny of our home and garage. I will be selling some of these books soon to make more room for us and more books. LOL I’ve some books for the sole purpose of selling and some for sell because we have finished with them or have multiple copies. I’m planning to get this all done so we can get back to school but the move and the upcoming fair will probably delay that some more. I’m not concerned, I’ve laid these cares at the feet of my Lord who has given me peace about it all. I was really stressing about not having a sparkling clean house, orderly kiddos and dog, doing summer school promptly at 9a and being all that I can be! This morning’s devotional and time spent outside pondering ~ I realized that I was doing what I was suppose to do and that the rest will take care of itself or be done in due time. I need to relax more and not be such a type A individual about everything. I’m not getting any younger and I’m not helping my life to be longer by worrying. So, it will all get done when needed, I will be at peace and knitting/crocheting to my heart’s content. I really am more content since I relaxed and began enjoying my life again. I thank my renewed passion in crafts for that and of course, my new friends ~ locally and in the blog-o-sphere. You guys are awesome.

Talk w/you all again soon.

~ at the homestead ~

sounds ~ Handel’s Water Music & Audio book ~ Fullcupboard of Life
smells ~ Spiced Cider wallflower
dinner ~ tuna and rice w/veggies homemade biscuits & hash browns ~ courtesy of the girls ;D
doing ~ playing yarn bingo, making a dishtowel and planning
thoughts ~ peaceful

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