Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How about an update....

Oh I'm so tired and boy does my body hurt. I've been working for the past 14 days at the fair and there are 8 days left til opening. Today, I hung over 150 art prints and tomorrow I'll hang about 30 more then move on to the 1500 photos. LOL I'm enjoying my job but my body isn't. I wasn't aware that it was so physically taxing, I probably wouldn't have agreed to do the job. ;D Anywho, I got off work at 7:50p and hit a local LYS to pick up some goodies for my secret pal. I had about 6mins to look around and they had some lovely new stuff. I can't tell you what I got her but its soft and pretty, I hope she likes it. I then went to get us Singapore noodles for dinner as a treat for waiting for me to get off work. They are such troopers. After dinner, I took Sk8chick to Wal-Mart to p/u some personal and now sitting here checking email and writing this post. ;P

Yesterday I was too tired to go to knit nite at Panera's but I did manage to finish off my knitted food item for a swap along w/finishing off a dishcloth. I took a nice hot shower, fixed a cup of lemon honey tea and listen to my audio book ~ Curse of the Pharaohs by Elizabeth Peters. I check emails and stuff, since I'm suppose to be playing dishcloth bingo but overall I had a very relaxing evening and went to bed at 10p.

On the knitting front ~ besides finishing off the above mentioned, I've finished 2 other dishcloths, started one for my fall dishcloth swap, joined 2 swaps - Chocolate Lovers and ISE 5, planned purchases for other swaps and thinking about dropping out of a couple before partners are assigned, started a crocheted washcloth, planned my projects for next year's fair entries and dreamed about knitting. LOL

Well, I'd better go to bed because I'm starting to ramble and I don't know if this is making any sense. I'll check in on ravelry tomorrow and any other blogs I've missed. Talk w/you all soon. Have a great week!

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Kat said...

We missed you last night!

You and your swaps make me laugh! There's no way I could keep up with all that.

Good luck with the fair stuff, and your girls were really good about not telling me ANYTHING about whether or not any of my stuff got any ribbons. :-) Darn you! Arrrr! (Since it's still Talk Like A Pirate Day for 40 more minutes).