Saturday, September 08, 2007

Whadda week...

lets see, its been quiet on the cyber front but very busy on the homefront. Da Boy turned 15yo and my work at the fair has begun. I've been helping to get judges lined up and confirmed and various other things and this is only the beginning. There has been lots going on since I last talked to you and I'll use bullet style to write this update:

~ the camera is finally dead. yep ~ it hit the floor or computer, not sure which I wasn't home, but its dead as a doorknob. don't know when we'll get a new one so pics are on hold til I figure out how to upload from my cell.

~ the fair is in full swing. I will really start working more next week and I now have 2 jobs instead of 1. more moola but lots of work. LOL

~ I've purchased the VK fall issue which is their anniversary one and I've been oohing and aaahing and printing out the free patterns. I started a kal ~ I mentioned that earlier and I can't wait to get started but I'll have to wait.

~ my garter bars are nice but have to frog if I can't find a suitable 2nd yarn for them. my current yarn isn't enough to make 2 full socks so I'll either frog or add another color and make them reverse style.

~ another dishcloth done. in my frustration over the socks, I began another cloth and finished it yesterday. I started a new one today for a swap.

~ I joined the fall dishcloth swap. it looks like great fun.

~ received my partner for the Vegan Pal 2 swap. this is going to be lots of fun especially after reading the snack list and I love over 90% of the listed goodies. woohoo!

~ I got to go out w/the girls not 1x, not 2x but 3x this week. yeah me!

~ went to see "no reservations" ~ loved it. definitely a chick flick w/yarn and lots of knitted items.

~ Sk8rChick treated me to the movies and red robin. ;D

~ Da Boy tagged along to 2 yarns shops and listened to 2 women talked about everything from marital relationships to harassing the teacher. ok, maybe not harassing but it was close. LOL

~ we took a friend out for the day, me & Da Boy and she treated us to lunch. love those singapore noodles. yummy!

~ purchased some yarn for my secret pal, the july/aug issue of crochet today and some lovely 50% clearance yarn for me. ;D

Well, I think thats all. I've not done anything on my shawl nor anything else for that matter. I need to work on my bathroom and will probably clean up the kitchen again tomorrow. Boy, you leave for just a day or so and they let the house go down. A bit tired and will got to bed now. Later.
~ at the homestead ~
sounds ~ Blue shoes & happiness
smells ~ african red bush tea
dinner ~ leftovers ~ singapore noodles
on the needles ~ spinning wheel dishcloth in jewels


Robin said...

No Reservations looks good! I'm glad you liked it - I will have to go see it too now. Love the Singapore Noodles. When does the Vogue Knitting KAL start?

vegan treater said...

You do sound busy! I'm your partner for the Vegan Pal 2 swap. I'm glad you like almost everything on the list--hopefully I won't get the few things you don't! I already got some yarn for you. I bought it before we got partners, but it's really cool. Oh and when I'm not anonymous, I'm signing up for your Vogue KAL