Friday, October 12, 2007

Been along time...

did ya miss me?! well, I've missed my time online as well as my house. LOL I've pretty much lived at the fair for the past month and half. I had a blast though and I would only change how much sleep I got. Hmm and maybe worked out so that I'd have more energy. ;D I've added that to the plans for next year, well thats if there is a next year. This week has been busy getting the fair taken down and all the entry items returned to their owners. We finished up on Wed, which was an awesome feat. We are all tired and ready for rest. Unfortunately, only the seasonal help will get the needed rest now, because the full-time staff must start preparing for next year. Sorry guys ~ we love you. ;D

I was able to meet and get to know some wonderful people, especially that Chef Landry guy ~ who knew he really was funny. He is a real chef that does a comedy style food demonstration from Louisiana. It was lots of fun hanging out w/him and he even helped with our live food contests. heehee ~ tasting all those Hidden Valley dishes and such. It was great fun and I learned alot about being a food judge. I also met a wonderful man name Brian Hammill. He and 2 other guys were called Native Spirit Dancers. It was awesome to watch them perform, he even plays the flute. The spiritual aspect of the dances was really moving and I enjoyed learning more about the native american culture. I can't wait to see these guys again. The Sugar Art show was beautiful as always. The theme this year was Movie/Hollywood and the winning cake was based on "Sabrina" the original w/Audrey Hepburn ~ it was beautiful.

I spent a lot of my time outside during the day managing our interactive exhibit "Fun on the Farm." It was fun for me until about the 5th day ~ thats when I started to have sleep deprivation issues. All in all it was great, the kiddos had a great time ~ we served over 7000 of them this year. My children worked in various areas of the fair and Riley was awarded the trophy for the volunteer with the most hours ~ 173.5 of them to be exact. Way to go! I really don't need to tell you where she is at the moment, do I?! We are all very tired but had a good time. I even rode 5 rides this year, not as many as I'd like but that was all I had time for.

On the knitting front ~ not much happened. I did managed to complete the dishcloth for my pal in the fall dishcloth exchange. I also went to the LYS before the fair got busy and bought some new self striping Regia, one in a blue and the other a orange/red colorway. I started a new pair "Not Peds" in the blue. I started them about 2 wks ago and this past wed I started the heel flap. ;D Slow going but worth it. I haven't finished my vest yet but will pick that up next week. I've put off making "Mirepoix" since the yarn I've chosen will require more than I can get at the moment plus one of the ladies at the LYS thought the Tahki Cotton Classic would be to heavy. I really don't have the time or energy to really do the research again for a substitute to the Louet so I'm going to wait til November to do this, by then I should be able to buy the additional yarn or pay for more pricey stuff. LOL

In my next post ~ I'll update on my swap status. Yes, there are still swaps in my life. A new one just began too. I'm looking forward to these, some actually end next week and others begin then. All will be over by December. Yeah! Swapping is great fun especially when you have the time and energy to do them.

Well, I'd better go now and work on some home stuff. I'm still not feeling 100% but better than yesterday and thats a plus. Its sad that I should get sick after the fair but glad it didn't happen during. There was enough going on that it would have been very miserable indeed. I'll try to add that update later today, if not it will be Sunday b/c I'll be offline due to a family friend's funeral.

Take care and have a great day!

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