Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm here but really....

I'm not. As I mentioned, I've not been feeling well for the past week. Today was pretty low ~ cold chills, feverish, achy and just plan grumpy. LOL I'm not doing much better now after a nap and some soup but I don't want to lay around either. I promised to update on my swaps and I want to work on my new peds since I've had to frog the work I did back to the heel turn. ugh! I still don't like the look of the heel turn but it will stay for now.

My current swaps:

Fall Dishcloth Exchange
~ I've finished the cloth and plan to make another one. I've picked the yarn but need to select the soap and a goodie but that shouldn't be too hard. Need to order a special item too.

Xmas Around the World Knitters Swap
~ need to pick an item to make for my pal. I will work on this package next week.

International Scarf Exchange 5
~ picked up my yarn today and will get started tomorrow. I'm using Noro Silk Garden and making a Silk Diagonal Scarf for my pal. I'm hoping to pick up some goodies from my store too but I'm not schedule to work this week. I was today but my symptoms kept me home. ;(

Vegan Pal 2
~ need to pickup snacks and get in the mail tomorrow. This is a neat swap especially since I learned alot regarding foods, types of yarn and such. I look forward to another round.

Knitters Coffee Swap 3
~ its on and I'm ready. I've already started shopping, well actually I started after round 2 ended and picked up some goodies for my new partner. Now I'm waiting for a partner to pickup treats and coffee.

Prayer Shawl
~ still debating on if I'll stay in this swap since partners haven't been assigned. I'm to make a shawl in 12wks for my pal. I'll keep you posted on this one.

Secret Pal 11
~ I've sent out my first package and have collected goodies for another one that I will send out next week. ;D I'm happy that my pal liked her package ~ hope she likes my next one.

Thats all ~ I dropped all the others or they are done like the Chocolate Lover's. I sent that out because I liked that one alot. I'm waiting for several packages to arrive and I'm looking forward to making things for others and hope they like them. I'm starting to feel achy again, so I'm off. Have a great evening.


Your Dishcloth Pal said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Allena said...

wow sounds like fun! thanks for stopping by my blog

vegan pal spoiler said...

I'd send you some chicken soup, but it's not vegan. I'm going to either get your package in the mail today or tomorrow!

Sarah said...

I hope you feel better soon! Sick days are perfect for knitting! :)