Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Knitting meets fishing ;(

well by the title you will surmise that it wasn't a good meeting and you'd be right. My monkey sock yarn was sliced by my dh's fishing line by non-other than myself. I've been taking my knitting along in the car and forget to take it out. Hubby has been fishing, his rod and my knitting was on the same side of the car. As I reached to pull up my bag with the ISE5 project, I yanked up the monkey sock from its bag and managed to wrap it in the fishing rod. I didn't think anything of it, I thought I just goofed and removed the yarn from the rod and restored both to their original position. This morning dh brought the bag in but the yarn bag, the sock and the carrying bag were separate on the table. As I put things back in order, I noticed this:

what a shame ~ though its a clean cut its unfortunately when I don't have enough to make the full monkey sock to begin with. Oh well, I must be more careful in the future so that my projects don't meet w/his fishing rods again. ;D

I've been working more at the store, so I'm a bit tired but I did manage to get some reading done and knitting on my ISE5. I only have about 14 repeats ~ 112 rows, and I'll be done. I'm listening to Persuasion too ~ the abridged version but is not very enjoyable for various reasons one being the cds are very scratched and the other the shorten version seems to be missing something. I've read about 30 pages of the FKC, which is turning out to be very good.

Off to read a little more and listen a few more minutes w/da boy ~ he decided that he wanted to listen to Lion in the Valley. Its a 10 disc set and I'm on disc 5 but da boy is on disc 2. heehee, I get to hear it again before its over. Have a great night all.


Pixie said...

Hi Dawn! I got your comment on my blog about needing my snail mail, but I don't have an email address to reply back to you at. :)

Can you email me at pixie AT hobocare DOT com and I'll send the address.

I love the monkey sock pattern!

CynicalGal said...

oh dear, these kinds of tragedies are ever so frustrating.