Tuesday, November 13, 2007

~ My Birthday ~

Hello everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to remember, thank and celebrate veteran's day. I celeberated my bur-day and had good time. I see several of you have been keeping up w/my 12 days to birthday gifts from dh and I did get a present yesterday, one I wasn't expecting because I had planned to get it next week myself. He snuck around the store and bought it behind my back. heehee....more on that in the next post.

Yesterday, wasn't exactly how I had planned to spend my day. It started about 12:01a with me singing "happy bur-day to me". ;D then I went to bed at 1a, hubby gave me my present at midnight which is why I was up plus I had to take pictures of it and of my other presees (presents ;D). I got up about 8a and cleaned up the kitchen, made coffee, cleaned up after the dog, did my flylady thingy drill ~ you know dress to shoes yada yada, cleared off the dining room table and clipped coupons, put a relaxer in my hair, then I took a nap. ;D Very boring, I know but thats what I did for the first half of my day. Then I talked to a few friends, decided to go to the knitter's guild meeting, ordered 5 pizzas for dinner ~ yummy, left to p/u friend for meeting, picked up Sk8Chick from work and spent the evening knitting and looking at yarn. I did buy some new yarn too and joined the guild. I was treated to starbucks and then went home to bed. I was in bed by 12:01a ~ my bur-day was over til next year. heehee!

So what didn't I do that I had planned ~ get a massage, get a facial/makeover, shop all day, go to dinner at Logan's and color my hair. LOL I've been pmsing most of the weekend and I had managed to do just about everything I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday days before. So I'm very happy ~ doin' the happy dance. I got to go to my fav LYS 3x, I got to go to the bookstore, I got to go to a different LYS, I got a whole plate of singapore noodles to myself, I spent the day w/dh also one w/the girls, I got to hangout a starbucks 4x, I got 2lbs of christmas blend, I got a buttered rum candle, my favorite chocolate, lots of attention ~ you know you need that when you get older and overall, I had a wonderful 11 days to my birthday even w/the tire incident ~ one of our tires exploded and we had to get a new one yesterday. ;D The best part ~ I didn't feel depressed, down, dejected or anything on my birthday ~ I simply enjoyed the entire day even though it was pain filled (cramps). I mention this b/c I usually am so excited about my birthday before the day and by the actual day no longer care or thrilled. Not this year ~ yipee! I loved the entire day, well Icould have used a fill on those nails but don't tell anyone. ;D

Here are pics of some presees from friends ~ I even got ecards from various email lists I'm on. Now how cool is that?!

I'm off to color my hair and take a nap, I work later this evening. Have a great day!

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