Sunday, January 06, 2008

~ Goals ~

Wow its here ~ 2008 and I'm ready for it. On several of my groups everyone is discussing resolutions and goals. Challenging themselves for the new year. I've participated in a few of these and I wanted to make sure I posted my goals here. I find goals are easier to accomplish and you are motivated to fulfill them. They also can be elaborated upon and are foundations to doing more.

Goals for 2008 ~ well mine are actually goals for life since my birthday in November when I decided I needed to have something to look forward to each and everyday. Here they are in their simplest form:

1. Create and cultivate a simple lifestyle
2. Continue to challenge myself by reading a minimum of 2 books a month and doing puzzles
3. Develop my craft skills to include learning new ones
4. Spend more time developing relationships w/family and friends
5. Take time to pamper myself and rest

For the next 3 months, I will be working on small steps for my goals.
Goal #1
~ combine my blogs
~ spend less $ (which means fewer swaps)
~ make things by hand

Goal #2
~ use ebooks, audio books and mp3 player more
~ participate in book clubs/kals
~ complete puzzles during school

Goal #3
~ make a pr of socks per month
~ complete UFOs ~ colorplay vest :D
~ make a fitted sweater and hoodie for self
~ use lovely and growing stash

Goal #4
~ attend weekly knit-nites
~ start family game/movie nite again
~ have sunday dinners

Goal #5
~ spend at least 4hrs a week doing something for self
~ continue to get nails done
~ go to bed by 11p during the week (this is the hard one. LOL)

These are short and simple but will keep the focus on life goals not just quick fixes. I'm confident that I will see great results from my small efforts.

In other affairs:
We began school on thursday and will start formal lessons tomorrow. I will update on school once a week giving a brief overview. I am working on my notes for our local CM group and the online CMSeries study. In our monthly group, we are focusing on habit training which I need in our school and home. More on both of these later in the week.

I will also start menu planning again which will help w/simplifying my life. I will post those on either Sunday night or Monday morning, not sure just yet. In the past, it was on Mondays. I will be working on the blog template over the next week or two, combining my groups, links, friends list and webrings. I'm looking forward to having everything in one place though I didn't before. It definitely will be simpler though I will have more posts b/c I'd like things to be separate a little bit. ;D

I finished the first sock for both the Plain Vanilla and the Monkey Peds. They look very good ~ I tried them on and both are too big for me. ;D Thats good since they are suppose to be. Hubby loves his sock and can't wait for the second one. I hope my best friend loves the peds. I spent time this weekend taking pictures of my stash and uploading to Ravelry. I sent off my final swap packages and have one more angel package to do for the '07 swaps. I have officially decided to limit my swapping especially during the 4th quarter of the year ~ just too much going on and potential for error. It was not a very pleasant thing to have 2 of your packages to disappear, deal w/an ice storm, work 35+hrs a week at part-time job (though the $$ was a blessing) try to knit, shop for gifts/presents and get to the post office in a timely manner along with maintain a home, homeschool 2 teens and keep your sanity. Now I know others have done more but for me it seemed a bit much and I think I shutdown a few times though I made it through especially during the ice storm ~ the most peaceful time of the 3 months. I am looking forward to living simply just to restore that sense of peace.

Regarding swaps ~ I'm currently in one, "Sock It To Me Deux" which I'm enjoying (I'll post on my pal's socks later too). I found several that I'd like to do but I must let them pass in order for me to remain peaceful and actually live a simpler life. I've decided to limit my swapping to 3 a quarter for the first 3 and only one in the last. This should keep me plenty busy and it will be simpler to keep up with. I do plan to do lots of KALs, yeah for actually knitting. I'll update on that in another post, this one is long enough.

Have a great night all!

~ On the homefront ~
sounds ~ children coming in and out of house/dog barking/Handel's Water Music
doing ~ blogging/knitting and will be watching Jane Eyre pt 2 later
smells ~ pizza/fresh linen candle/oreo's (heehee)
plans ~ weekly menu/knitting/school lessons


Knitting Mama said...

Good luck with your goals Dawn! Here's to a great 2008!

Robin said...

I like the goals! And I am done with swapping for awhile myself!

The Glasers said...

I like your idea of a simpler life. Because my oldest has autism, we have had to keep it simpler for years. I only have two blogs and I love to read. I am getting back into crocheting, finally, and plan to knit a sweater for my dog. I agree . . . getting to bed by 11 pm is tough--midnight is typical for me. This is funny--I have been thinking about cooking once and week and then working my way up to monthly cooking. (It is harder because my daughter cannot have gluten or casein, so I have to make my own recipes for her.)

Glad to see you back in circulation at HEO!!!


Knitting Granny said...

Hi Dawn - You are so organized, even in your striving toward more simplicity in your life! I admire you! But don't forget to cut yourself some slack once in a while. ;-)
As always, I love your blog.