Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chocolate anyone?

Now I really don't plan to share but I thought it would be polite to offer. ;D My dh has found a lovely shop in town that imports authentic UK items and this is what he bought for me. Isn't it large (250g) and so lovely ~ its absolutely divine and delicious too.

The label is really cool, I believe thats Hebrew, Greek, and maybe even German. The nutrition facts include "energy". I love it and it tastes so much better than the Hershey version especially since they've changed their recipe and it tastes very different and not so good as before.

He also obtained some lovely tea for us and I've enjoyed a cup of pure ceylon. I plan to have one this evening w/my book and knitting.

Off to finish knitting and checking in on some of my yahoo groups. I'll be back later. ;D

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