Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun Day!

I had a great day ~ a wonderful way to end the week. Let me back track ;D Yesterday, dh took me to Stonemill BBQ for lunch/dinner thingy and it was great. I had Pulled Pork sandwich w/seasoned fries and cole slaw. We shared an Apple Cobbler w/Vanilla ice cream. Hmm, hmmm good. Score! Then he took me to my LYS for an hour. I didn't buy any yarn but I did get to sit and talk to some of the staff, then I wound several balls of yarn. It was great and then I stayed up til 2a reading blogs and queues on Ravelry.

Today, dh wanted to get out of the house since we had no dc. We went to lunch ~ singapore noodles ~ yummy to my tummy! Then we went to the LYS again. Yes! Several of my friends were there and I sat down for some knitting since the store was really crowded. Lots of people I've never seen before but it was raining outside and there was a sale 25%-50% off. I enjoyed talking to several of my friends especially JanineKnits who help me wind some of my yarn which she's done on more than one occassion. I did buy yarn but it wasn't for me ~ it was for Riley. She wants a Twinkle Twinkle Little Beanie which happen to be on sale for 25% off ~ pattern and yarn (pic below). She is very happy that her mommy bought yarn to make her something. I also signed Sk8Chick and myself up for a yarn party and one of my friends encouraged me to signup for the yarn tour next month too. I'll be very busy but happy. ;D
Oh, before I forget ~ I finished the main part of Aurora last night. I sewed it up on my way to lunch today and here it is. I'll make the flower tomorrow ~ it requires 222 st co and I don't have the energy or patience to do that tonight. ;D
Here are pics of the yarn I wound ~ lovely eye candy for you. Have a great Sunday!
Cherry Tree Hill ~ Martha's Vineyard
Socks that Rock ~ Ruby Slippers
Mountain Colors ~ Crazy Woman
Cascade Sierra ~ Hot Pink

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