Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been a bad girl....

well most of you might not think I was a bad girl but actually I am. I was suppose to be on a "slow/simplified living" plan for six months and I've not even started. Oh the agony of it all. I was reading my swap pal Robyn's blog today and she's doing so good on her slow month plan and I really wanted to do it but forgot. I think the tax refund, the sock yarn calls and my love of books was my undoing. I really want to do it, I want to see how much I could save if I didn't buy because I wanted it just when I needed something. I mean how hard could it be ~ I don't buy when I don't have money (I don't have credit cards either), so whats up. I know its my own fault ~ I worked extra hours to buy stuff, I set aside a portion of the tax refund for spending on myself and I've developed a love for sock yarn. I must redeem myself ~ since 6 months is a long time and I failed the 1st 3. I think I'll simplify that to a 3 month plan ~ the next quarter which will go nicely with my stashalong goals. ;)

In other news ~ I worked a long day yesterday and will work another tomorrow since its spring break and most of the staff has quit or on vacation. I will be working thru Sat and off Sun-Tues of next week. I can't wait til Apr 1st when I take a vacation, it is definitely needed and I plan to do absolutely nothing for at least 2 days of that week. We've exams that week but that doesn't take all day. ;) I've decided to let the kiddos have spring break w/the rest of the bunch. We normally do ours the week of Easter but everyones off this week and want them to stay over, so no school as of yesterday til next tues. Yes, we celebrate Easter monday and they will get baskets of candy. I don't do all that junk of toys and over the top items ~ I think that foolish. I love the baskets full of candy filled eggs, coloring books, crayons, straw and stuffed animals. This year they may get bunnies but I can't tell since they read my blog and I want it to be a surprise. Lots of yummy candy too. I'll try to take pics but no promises.

Its been a rainy day ~ storm blew in about 2a and left the rain behind. I'm glad there are no flooding reports in my area but its still possible and real danger. I know, I've been in a flash flood ~ not pretty at all. Glad we have a truck this time ~ abit off the ground but still dangerous due to slick roads. They are like black ice when wet. I've been working on the new peds and my dishcloth ~ not much to report on these. I hope to watch Mansfield Park tonight and knit some more but first need to scrub the kitchen floor and go to the PO. Not sure whats for dinner but grilled chicken sounds good.

Thats all for now, must go back to work. Have a great evening!

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

How was Mansfield Park? Did you end up watching it?

Did you ever end up doing a slow month??? It's hard!