Monday, June 09, 2008

Long awaited post

I promised you and the lovely bunch at ISE6 details about the package I received this round. So without further ado, here it is:

My pal, Chelle, decided to use her heritage for this rounds theme ~ chinese luck. Wonder how she knew I love LOL

My scarf is a shade of red ~ which means happiness, success and fortune, its also my favorite color. Its made from Crazy 4 Dyeing yarn. There is also a very lovely card and a bear dressed in a sheep costume ornament. ;) The scarf is a beautiful, intricate pattern that I will enjoy wearing, once the weather cools. LOL (wow ~ I've 2 lovely scarves from this exchange)

She sent a lovely embroidered bag with a dragon design ~ the dragon represents blessings and power. *here it is w/a lovely skein of Crazy 4 Dyeing in Cool Moss ~ 100% merino wool superwash.

On special occasions, guest would receive a red envelope, called a "hong bao", with money inside which represents good luck and wards off evil spirits to be opened after Chinese New Year ~ my envelope contained a 2008 Canadian quarter (now did she know I collect coins). Its beautiful and its after Chinese New Year so I'll have good luck. ;)

Bar of soap w/the Eiffel Tower ~ smells yummy, a Lush ball ~ can't wait to try this, and a bar of milk chocolate ~ my favorite thing.

This rounds we were to send good karma to our pal along with something they will remember us by ~ I will definitely remember the thoughtfulness of Chelle and cherish the heritage she has shared with me. Thank you. ;)


Anonymous said...

Everyone is raving about those Lush products - I haven't tried them yet but I should. I love a hot bath with a favorite book!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was me, your Secret Pal!

blindpurls said...

Darn I thought I had put in the ball band for the yarn! It's actually SWTC Pure soysilk that I made your scarf out of.

My family is speak Cantonese so we call the lucky red envelope lay see (pronounced liesee). I'm glad you collect coins because I think I made sure to send you a Winter Olympic coin(Vancouver/Whistler 2010)

I hope that you have or will have some time and relax with that bath bomb! With work and children (and all the other stuff) I know it can be hard to find time for yourself, but don't forget to take a little break every now and then ;-)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Ah - here is the info - Crazy 4 Dying Cool Moss - yummy yarn! :)

Great package you got from Chelle!