Monday, July 14, 2008

~ Jul 14th ~

Warning ~ this is a very boring post. ;)
(eta ~ added some new pics more tomorrow)

I've not been motivated to post lately but thought I needed to update for the sake of SP12. I've been busy knitting the B2S and making excellent progress. I'll update new pics tomorrow since I'm having some technical difficulties with the computer at the moment.

Nothing new around here ~ busy working, knitting and planning our move. Still not sure where we are going but it will work itself out. I did get to go out after work this weekend to knit and drank coffee, though somehow I've managed to misplace some vital personal property in the process. It stormed sat but we were cool and dry at our fav sbux ~ and yesterday we went to that little coffeeshop we visited last week. I tried Buckingham Palace loose tea ~ it was very good too. ;)

Well, off to work on the B2S some more, watch my shows on PBS and may even watch an old movie. Riley and I have been spending our evening knitting and watching movies ~ over the last week we've watched:
Arsenic and Old Lace
Pride & Prejudice (2006)
The Great Adventure
Dial M for Murder
The Princess Bride

Tonight we may watch:
The Avengers ~ At War with the Army ~ His Girl Friday
Good night!


Crochetoholic said...

wow love the color... :) you have been tagged

Secret Pal said...

I love the Avengers. We rented a lot of them last year before we got a bit tired of them and took a break.

That's a pink sweater! One of the people I was a Secret Pal for in another one loved hot pink. She had hot pink everything, including a car!