Friday, July 04, 2008

~ July 4th ~

Happy 4th ~ America's Independence Day! Woohoo! I'm proud of my country and know I'm priviledge to live in such a great one.

Its been a very slow going day. Our plans were to go to a demo clearance sale at Guitar Center but we didn't make it. I did get to sleep in until about 11:30a ~ that was really nice. I cleaned the kitchen and diningroom, made myself a pot of coffee then sat down to knit for about an hour before getting ready for work. It was a very pleasant day and I didn't get home tired after work either. Work was slow but steady ~ we managed to get some cleaning done on the store so it will smell and look better tomorrow.

I've been working on the B2S and have managed to get it back to the length I had it before ripping it back ~ its now 4 in but in the photo it was about 3 ~ I've about 6 more to go before switching to the waffle pattern. I hope to get this done by the 20th ~ we shall see its a present.

I'm working on my 3rd quarter craft goals for Stashalong. I believe this round I will allow myself a free day so that I can have fun if I want to or not. Yesterday I posted my 2nd qtr update along with some things I'm working on at the moment. I need to correct that ~ I'm currently working on making 1 sweater ~ B2S, 1 dishcloth which is for an exchange, and 1 pr of socks which are a secret. Now by next week this all could change especially since I've decided there is a UFO I'd like to finish this month ~ Color Play Vest. This would be so rewarding for me to finish this one ~ not much left to do on it. I also would love to finish my CPH ~ "oh where has that pattern gone, oh where could my pattern be." ;) Good thing I have a friend I can call for that if I don't find it this weekend ~ didn't look last weekend, oops!

Thats all for now ~ off to finish knitting on my B2S and watch old movies. The kiddos are gone and its just me and hubby who is watching movies on his personal dvd player. Its very peaceful and I think I could get use to this ~ you know that empty nest thingy. Have a great weekend.

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