Sunday, September 07, 2008


How are you good people doing?! I'm doing well and should be in bed but thought a shout out would be nice first. I've been going to bed early since in a week I'll be getting in closer to 1a each night and won't spend a great deal of time online.

Da Boy's bday was ablast though he spent most of his time at the skatepark and stayed over a friends last night. LOL I believe he had a great time and we are very pride of our now 16yr manchild. ;)

I'm almost finished my crocheted baby afghan ~ yeah! Especially since its now 3 yrs ~ that should not happen but it did. I've taught myself to do 2 on 1 circ so I'll be making a pair of monkey socks this week. I hope to be finished before Sat at 9am but if I don't no big deal. I've been not too motivated to knit but need to get my act together and start working on christmas presents and dh's birthday present.

Work is going well. We've had much progress and I'm getting things in order in case I don't do this next year. I thought it best to have a kind of manual for what I do so there is no guess work and not too much teaching by others who need to get their stuff done.

Well, I've hit the wall and don't have much else to say. Talk w/you all again soon. ;)

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