Wednesday, January 07, 2009

~ Happy New Year ~

Wow ~ its been over a week since I've been online and it was great. I didn't miss it at all and now will plan to "fast" my online time in the future. It started out as a 2 day commitment that lasted 8 days ~ woohoo! I wanted to unplug to simply relax and enjoy my family during my nonworking hours. I found I was always on either my facebook, myspace or ravelry along with reading blogs and joining groups. I had become addicted to being "on" so I pulled the plug. I've decided to limit my online time and to watch my use on my cellphone too. I need to be social face to face more.

While I was absent, I cooked and baked. I spent time reading my Bible and listening to cds. Talked more with my family and I even got a lot of knitting done. I also realized my life was off balance and had to adjust my work schedule. I've not been well for a couple of months, so rest has been needed ~ got some. Who knew 8hrs of sleep could change your perspective. LOL

I must admit those nasty peri-menopausal symptons are back especially forgetfulness, which triggered the need for change. I've forgotten to do at least 5 important things for other people and that's scary. One of them happens to be the only swap I was in. I don't know what happen but I got the package ready to go and set it aside and forgot it. I know, its the most awful thing to do to someone and I hate when it happens. I thought I was doing good this year since I was only in one not 10 like last year. Guess the last quarter of the year is not a good swap time for me at all. I also forget to get dh a birthday present ~ now life has been too much when you do that. I did manage to make it up to him but that's pretty bad. I hope my swap pal forgives me too.

I'm off to run errands (PO first stop) then catchup on emails, some blogs, my yahoo groups and I may be back w/pics of my FOs. I do know I won't be on all day or for more than an hour, my new rule.

Have a great day!

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