Friday, March 27, 2009

Wet and cold

Thats our weather for today and I'm not liking it at all. If I hadn't had to be out in it, probably would have been ok. Would've been great to knit, bake and listen to a book. ;) Oh well, that didn't happen and I'm now sitting here wondering what I should write. I thought I had my blogging groove back but apparently I don't. LOL I miss reading blogs more than writing posts but posting is fun.

So here is the boring news ~ I awoke at 8a and went back to sleep and awake again at 9a. Made coffee and took the eldest to the laundry. Didn't like the new coinless machine, its a ripoff especially if you never go back. You stuck w/this debit key that costs a $1. The laundry was clean but for real ~ debit key and .19 to dry for 8 mins. LOL Then I took her home to get ready for work. Drove her to work and headed to the mall since I was schedule to work at 2p. Driving thru the rain/storm, which you couldn't see more than 3 feet in front of you, I was called and told to come in at 5p. More cut hours but I can get out of the rain for a little while. So I went to the library, did some research, ordered our books, printed math pages and paid my fine. ;) Boring I know, then I went home and took a nap. I woke up at 4:15p and went to work. Work was busy, we were shorthanded but productive, I think. Left at 10p and headed home in the rain ~ very cold rain I might add. Then I decided to go to Wally World cause I was hungry. Got some hot link sausages, cheese popcorn, doritos and oreos. heehee love junk food plus there were 4 others at home who would be looking for a snack. ;)

Now I'm sitting here wondering why I told you all this and why I am still cold. I don't know and I'm now going to end this little narrative and go read my book. Have a great one, Nite!

ps ~ I did borrow a great book ~ "American Knitting" can't wait to read and try some of the patterns. ;)

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