Friday, June 19, 2009

Little bit of life

Life is moving along rather nicely, I think. I'm working on getting more rest, spending less time working so hard to make a buck and simply enjoying my life again. I realize that I've allowed myself to be swallowed up by what I think I need and neglecting what I really need. At the moment, that would be sleep. So though I really love my retail job and I really like the extra cash, I will have to prayerfully consider quitting and simply work at the library, homeschool and be the keeper of my home. Fairly simply, right ~ now to get it done. LOL

On the knitting front ~ I've finished off only one sock in the Sock Wars. I was assassinated today so I will be sending off the one sock and remaining yarn to my assassin in the next few days. That really wasn't the plan but in retrospect of my life these past few weeks, I really shouldn't have been playing for lack of time and desire. I've still the other four pair of socks to work on and to start my new summer sweater ~ Ophelia but for now I will just rest. Thats a foreign concept for me but I endeavor to practice nonetheless.

Our trips were a success though I'm worn out from all the driving. I drove over 2300 miles this past week and that was way too much driving especially since most was done in 24hr periods. Yikes! I love driving but next time I will be staying overnight so that I"m not exhausted when I arrive or when I get back.

We went to the Charlotte Mason Conference in NC, which was a wonderful time for me. I've been recharged and energized for this last year of homeschooling. Sad but true, its almost over. I've reconnected with many online friends and I've gained new ones. I've also found my passion to write again and you will see more of that soon. ;) I've my conference narrations to post and my thoughts on the studies I'm doing along w/the simpler things for my life. I'm glad we went to the conference for several reasons especially those involving my girls. I believe they are taking the necessary steps to enrich their own lives and to find their purpose.

After the conference we spent a few days w/our extend family in Tennessee. That was wonderful and we need to do that again and for a longer period. I believe we will be heading that way in late July. ;) There is talk of moving to TN but I'll see how that goes, hubby knows nothing about this yet.

We ended our travels by driving from TN to MO for a lovely few days of sunshine and water. Us girls meet up with the boys in Osage Beach, which is absolutely beautiful and sits on Lake of the Ozark. However, the boys had excitement before we arrived, a tornado had touched down near them early on Monday morning, the one I missed by staying an extra night in TN. Thank you Lord. The picture in the previous post was taken at the resort we stay at. I've more pictures and will try to post them over the next few days.

Well, I'm fairly tired and need to go to bed earlier than usual. I start my new job on monday ~ woohoo! So, I'll post more often since I'm back at the library and will not be staying up as late. I also managed to figure out how to post from my phone ~ yahoo!

Have an awesome weekend!

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catie said...

I hope you enjoyed your package. I really enjoyed knitting the socks for you. Moms who have the patience and wherewithal to homeschool their kids have a special place reserved for them in heaven.


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