Sunday, September 27, 2009

Empty Nest

Who knew it would go by so quickly. That one day you hold this tiny bundle of joy and the next they are grown and gone. No longer needing constant mothering, seeking their own ways and looking to you for advice only when necessary. Who knew that you'd long to still keep them from danger, from suffering and broken dreams. That you never really stop being a mom just now doing a whole new role as one. I miss my babies and their for me but I've come to cherish the memories and look forward to what lies ahead.

Though I don't know for sure what that may be but I'm confident that they will be the loving, caring and God-fearing adults I'd prayed they be. They will stubble and even fall, that's life and I'll be there still when they need me. I'm a mom and always will be. That is a comfort in and of itself.

Nothing new around, still packing and working. Manage to do some knitting and have a few things to wrap up. I'm sure my knitting mojo will return soon but no worries life too short.

Well off to enjoy the quiet and tranquility of an empty nest and some classical music. ;)

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