Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring in here

Another month has sailed by but not without leaving its mark. Its been very eventful, good and bad though I keep my head up and a smile on my face. Things are starting to calm down into a normal routine now but I believe I've got a ways to go still. So for a quick update on what has been going on round my neck of the woods this past month:

Attended some amazing concerts; wrecked my Explorer ~ its totalled; purchased an '04 Ford Mustang, 40th anniversary edition w/pony package (pic above); finishing up my first semester but biology and I are not friends lol; still working 2 jobs anywhere from 30 to 50 hrs a week; made some new incredibly amazing friends; found out I've had a sinus infection and fluid on my ears for 2 months; and got to go knitting for a little while a few weeks ago ;D

Life has thrown me some major curve balls but you know it is helping to shape me into the woman I desire to be so I'm not gonna complain or give up. The next 30 days will be awesome ~ concerts, trip to NYC, knitting and more time spent w/my wonderful family and friends. Life is good!

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