Saturday, October 22, 2011

Taking time to be ME!

Its been a great week though it has had its ups and downs. Learning how to pace myself and avoid unnecessary stressors so that I can live a healthier lifestyle. Need to work on stress management in order to be successful in other areas of my life, for I'm finding stress can cause me to miss out of some vital things and not do anything at all. School is going well and added Humanities 2 & French 2 to my class schedule. Have been enjoying my books and looking forward to the next 7wks, it will be busy for sure.

On the knitting front, my dishcloth is almost done and its yummy. It feels too good to use but I must. Purchased the lovely 2nd skein of Malabrigo I need to make my grandson's Owlie hat and a new lovely scarf. Will be taking a knitting class on Wednesday to make the Calligraphy Fringed Scarf but w/o the fringe. Looking forward to sitting home knitting, cross-stitching and enjoying the wonder of the fall weather.

Off to make plans for upcoming meals, birthday, exercise and homework. Hope you all had a great day!

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