Saturday, February 24, 2007

SAL Progress Report #2

As you know, I haven't been making much progress with destashing as I'd hope. It seems I have more yarn than I started with and I've made 5 things already. Well, I am not alone in this dilemna as a fellow SALer posted her laments. She ask for ideas for her dilemna and the one she got was so simple that I had failed to realize it myself. Though I will not be able to make squares for PC at this time, I still can make them for other charities and for an afghan for my own home or for gifting. The responder mentioned using the squares as an opportunity to learn new stitches and that they wouldn't take much time to work up. Now that is a very interesting point that I will go and consider with the help of my new book which has many stitches that are new to me. I believe that I will be able to work at least 1 tonight since I think I'll set the red/silver project aside til tomorrow. I'll update more later in the week. Back to detashing so that I can enjoy my shopping day next week.

Btw ~ I found some wonderful new sites that I will be adding to the sidebar and one offered a free sock pattern for signing up for their newsletter. They look very easy to make but I don't know ~ I thought that child's scarf was simple and I'm still working on it. ;D
Good night!

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