Thursday, February 22, 2007

SAL Progress Report

I did it ~ yes, I finished my first knitting project. I am so glad. It is my first project since I first learned to knit over 20 yrs ago. ;0 I had 2 projects going at the same time and finished the true red scarf. The red/silver child's scarf is WIP and I don't know why its taking me so long. I think its the needles ~ I'm using bamboo and they don't seem to work well with the fiber of the yarn. Since the yarn is not one that I have a label for, I am not sure what needle to use. My ds just found 2 more skeins of yarn and one is a green/silver blend like the red. You can guess ~ no label either. :( I'm not even sure where these came from but they are either part of the charity project or I found them on clearance somewhere planning to make some holiday item or something. Or more like, my oldest dd was to make some holiday item but we lost the yarn in the house. LOL

Anywhoo, we have gone to several yarn stores and I am happy to report that I have purchased nothing. Though dd wasn't as successful in the first 2 stores ~ she acquired some Sugar n Cream in midnight magic and Paton's Grace in ruby (7 skeins @ $1 ea) and would have bought more had we not discussed the necessity of waiting until she had finished her current projects and the ones she purchased these for. We found some Red Heart Super on sale for $1.89 in Winter Grey and she wanted to make socks or legwarmers, I don't remember which but it may well be both.

I have also finished a couple of "screaming stash" projects because I was not feeling like I had made much progress the last few days. I have now made 4 washclothes using a simple crochet pattern from Lion Brand. Funny thing is none of this has made a dent in my meager stash goal. I am not too pleased and don't quite understand the math in this but will keep plugging along and it will all disappear soon, I hope. I've even given away one ball of yarn 2x but keep getting it back ~ my dc who decided they wanted to use another color. I finally used it to make 2 washclothes yesterday so its almost gone, there is a remnant. ;O There are 4 cloths and my ds would like me to make more. LOL I am even considering making dishclothes too. These don't take long to work up and I've decided to make some special for my dds hope chest.

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