Monday, February 19, 2007

Knitting Fun

Well, I've been very busy with working and hanging out at a concert that I haven't had much time for knitting. I took my knitting with me to the concert since I would be spending a lot of time sitting between assignments. I got to knit a little but read alot then ran alot more. I was a runner for the bands that were performing. It was alot of fun but I really wish I had done more knitting. However, I did use the time wisely and read some of "Knit Lit too" and "Knit Fix." I borrowed both from the library and learned a few things about knitters.

I am still working on my true red scarf which has been a pain. I have actually taken it a loose 4x until my dd told me how to fix my issue. The issue ~ I thought I had a tension problem because I would have several rows that appeared very tight no matter what you did to them. I was having trouble holding the yarn, gauging the tension, etc and my frustration was great. Last night, after the 3rd time of re-working the stitches I thought I was just tired and went to bed. Today, when it happened again, I was at a loss. My dd explained that my yarn was thinning in that section of it. She showed me how to add in the yarn after I undid the stitches and cut the thin section off. Now my rows are beautiful again and I hope to finish my scarf soon. I am a very slow knitter but I think thats just because I'm really new at it. ;D

I've been window shopping at craft stores and have been faithful to only buy tools ~ no yarn for me. Though my dd did, she got some really great yarn for a $1 a skein at Michaels in ruby. She plans to make socks. She also got some Sugar & Cream stripes at Hobby Lobby for $1.11 ea for more socks. She started to buy yarn today at JoAnn's because they had Red Heart for $1.89 but she resisted. We decided she would use up what she had first since socks take longer than scarves. We'll go back and get the grey she wanted even if we must pay full price. They even had Wool Ease on sale for 2/$4 but I walked away with only my new needles I found on clearance. I even passed up some funny looking yarn that was on the 75% rack which would have been about $.75 ea. ;D Yeah Me!

Here are the new tools we got:
Container of plastic glitter needles ~ 1 set of ea ~ #10, 10 1/2, 11, 13,15, 17
Container of plastic hooks ~ 1 ea J, K, L, M, N, P
1 set (plastic) #17 ($1 @ W/M)
1 set (plastic) #8 ($.50 @ Joann's)
1 ea (plastic circular #10 ($.50 @ Joann's)
My oldest dd got a set of #50 (plastic) @ W/M for a $1 ~ they are huge.
2 sets (alum) doubled pointed #3 in red *my fav color (I will take the purple ones back since I don't need 6 sets of 3s ;D) I got both containers on at JoAnn's too.
Thats all for now, back to my knitting. See ya later.

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