Monday, February 12, 2007

~ Stashalong ~

I am now ready and excited about my new found hobby. Ok, maybe not ready since I will still need to learn how to do all those fancy knitted stitches and learn the jargon. I don't think I know what "FO" is but I have a good guess. ;D

Part of the fun of Stashalong is to accept a challenge to get rid of your stash. I have decided on Option 1, described below.

Choice 1: The original rules(1) Choose a Stashalong time frame(1 month(minimum choice), 2 months, 3 months, etc). Personally, I would think about month to month--just in case :) Remember that during that time frame you will not buy any yarn(buying patterns, bags, and books are up to you)(2) Choose some of your stash you would like to knit on during that time(maybe it's something you can finish, maybe it's for a gift or deadline or KAL).(3) Post your start date and finish date. You could also include a picture of the yarn you'll be using and maybe some details about the pattern.(4) Post your results at the end--did you finish it, did you crack and buy something, fill us in on your Stashalong victory!(5) Have fun.(6) Start and end anytime(within a one month minimum). You don't have to start at the beginning of a month just pick a date spanning 30 days and you're ready to roll!

For my challenge, I've set a timeframe of 2 months beginning today and will assign myself two off days. My end date will be April 12th or so, need to look this up and count out 60 days. LOL During this time I will not buy any yarn, I will only purchase supplies ~ I need needles ~ and use my free day to consider sales. Since my income is not enhanced by an outside job any longer, I will have to be very frugal and picky when I do shop. I have decided to begin small and use up the following stash first:

2 balls of navy blue ~ red heart worsted weight (8 oz total)
2 balls of true red ~ lion brand jiffy mohair (appx 5 ozs)
1 ball of dark blue ~ walmart worsted weight (appx 3oz)
1 ball of red w/silver ~ don't know very fine (appx 3oz)
1 ball of royal blue ~ don't know worsted weight (appx 2oz)
1 ball of soft green ~ caron simply cotton (appx 2oz)
1 ball of soft white ~ caron simply cotton (appx 1oz)

Here is a pic of my starting stash! very small but its a start ~ sorry its a little dark.

I have begun knitting the red w/silver and it looks like it will make a nice child size scarf. This is a first for me in many years. I learned to knit sometime when I was 12yos but have never really done any consistent knitting. I taught my oldest dd the basics, translate patterns for her but pretty much she has taught herself the rest. I actually had to get her help tonight for my first project in selecting appropriate needles. I selected the above stash because they have been around for over a year and I thought they would make quick easy projects. Also it would allow me to keep to my plan of not buying anything other than needed tools even on my free day. I started out with size 17 needles but they were too big for the fine yarn and switched to 13 needles. It is working up very nicely, if I may say so myself ~ being that I am a novice at this, really have no clue. :D

Here is a preliminary pic:

*I'll trying taking these again tomorrow in natural lighting. My digital cam isn't that great.

Here is my list of what I hope to use the selected stash for:
1. scarves ~ at least 2
2. afghan squares for charity projects ~ at least 3
3. dishclothes ~ maybe 2
4. hmm, still thinking especially since I'm really new to this

Well, thats all for now. I need to post on the Stashalong site so that everyone knows what I'm doing. I think this will be great fun. I'm learning something new, I am clearing out some stuff ~ gotta love the declutter aspect ~ and making new friends. This is simply great.

Have a wonderful evening!

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