Monday, February 12, 2007

What joy....

I'm having so much fun, I can't keep it to myself. You know I mentioned that I was actually blogging over on blogger and that I had considered joining a few knitting groups. Well, I did and I am enjoying both. I just got accepted to Stashalong and am looking forward to my first challenge, with fear and trembling. I am writing my post here because I was updating my template and love my blog so much. I really do like the ease of use at blogger but I love my blog here. Too many choices and so little time. I am considering joining a swap or two but I'm going to pray about it. I may just wait and see how being apart of KTC and SAL works out.

Anywhoo, I am off to determine which challenge I will accept, type up my stash inventory, work on my preemie hat and listen to a book on cd, then I will heat dinner up and clip/organize my coupons. Oh, the joy of being home and enjoying my life again. I am even enjoying hsg my dc again. Yeah me!

Oh, I also wanted to tell you all about a blog I just found, more specifically the blogger's post on dyeing yarn. Checkout Knitting Rose's site
here, she's even introduced me to the Sockret Pal Swap ~ sounds like such fun. I've never done this and it looks so easy and the yarn is simply lovely. Is it really easy to do this? Can I do this at home ~ you know that saying "don't try this at home kids?!" Ok, I'm a little silly but its alright, I'm allowed every once in awhile. I'm looking forward to doing new things and making my home beautiful using my hands.

Have an awesome day!

~at our homestead~
Sounds ~ rainfall, classical music ~ Corelli
Smells ~ burning wood, homemade iced tea
My hands ~ soft yello preemie hat (its so pretty)
Plans ~ dinner, lesson plans and book selections
Mood ~ wonderfully happy and content

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