Monday, March 12, 2007

It is done

I finished the bath mat today. It was nice to hold the finished project in my hand and know that I made something nice for my home. I don't remember the last time I made something for my home by hand. Its been a while. This was a one skein project but, as you will see in the final pic below, it didn't use the entire 16oz cone. I have enough left for at least 1 washcloth or 2 bath mitts. I'll let you know which I decide.

Here is the 1/2 way mark pic followed by the final:

I also completed 2 ecru washclothes too. I worked these in between working on the mat because I wanted to have completed something this weekend. Then I started my garterlac dishclothes. Boy, these are very easy but you must be a good knitter because the instructions, no offence to Dave, assume you really know knitting terminology and have done similar knitting before. I was able to get starting help from my LYS friend but I failed to let her walk me through the entire pattern so I had a lot of ripping out of stitches this weekend before I actually got the hang of it. Now that I have memorized the basic pattern to create the cloth, I am really enjoying making them. It will take me a bit to finish the first one but I am confident that I will be able to whip them up in half the time next time. Here are my clothes, the first is the beginning of the garterlac and the other is simple crochet ones:

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km said...

Hi Dawn. I saw you on the One Skein KAL. I'm knitting from that book too, just not so good at joining. I stink at getting photos of my FO before they're gifted. I love your bath mat. I saw your 'about me' and just had to say "HI!" I love the Prov. 31 in training part. And your music tastes are totally mine. If you didn't live in OK and I in CA...I'd ask if you wanted to chat over coffee. Instead...I'll just send a hello...and you can stop by my blog too. kristen