Friday, March 16, 2007

Knitting 101

I've learned something new ~ I learned to cast on long tail style. Yep! I did it all by myself, twice too. I am really likin' how it makes my work look. I figured it was vitally necessary to the stability of my garterlac clothes and my new one is looking really good. I've started a new cloth pattern and used it and it looks very good. It almost looks like a popsicle to ~ guess its because the color is "orange sherbet" which is varigated. ;D

I've made 2 more crochet items today. They were the crochet caps in the "One Skein" book which took about 1 1/2 to make each. Not bad at all. I'll upload pics tomorrow so you can see how they look. The first one was made using a N hook but the pattern calls for a P. I did the second one with the correct hook but I think my tension was a little loose because Sk8rChick says its too big compared w/the first one she had on her head.

Both girls have requested more of them along w/a couple of the first hat I made. We'll see. I need to get back to my scarves but I'm having fun making quick projects. It kills the time and uses up my stash. I'm working on creating a WIP list and may create a FO flickr page too. We shall see. Off to bed w/me. See ya tomorrow.


km said...

Where did you get the garterlac pattern? I've been looking at Eunny Jang's Entrelac socks in IK, but I know I need to start basic before I even try something like that. There is a tutorial of basic entrelac, but I like the idea of not thinking to purl.

Sarah said...

Congradulations!!!! The long tail cast on is my absolute favorite cast on to use. It is very flexible, but sturdy. I have been wanting to crochet the caps from One Skein for awhile now. Please post pictures of yours!