Saturday, April 14, 2007

~ Considering My Ways ~

I've been mulling over my own stash accumulation especially after buying a bunch of yarn b/c it was 40% off and one of my favs or b/c it was a great deal on Ebay and I had some extra moola to spend. Hmm, most have a project planned or to be gifted but I didn't have to buy so much or any really. I really do need this SAL more than I realized. I need to take accountability for my actions ~ my dh gave me an odd look after I opened my container full of yarn. LOL My ds says I'm a "yarn addict" and he is right. I've always been this way but I had managed to suppress it for several years until I started knitting. ;D I'm okay, I realize I will always have stash but I don't have to let it take over my life or my house.

Well, I'm off to get my act together and start my stash diet, its sad that I've come to this but it will help keep things in perspective. I'll write up my goals and post later this weekend. Thanks for being here, for being a great sounding board and support.

Have a great weekend.

ps ~ I have finished up a few more things too, details later. ;D

The above is what I posted over at SAL. I really need to crack down on this yarn addiction. I hadn't been this bad off since 1996. I had several plastic totes of yarn, which got destroyed by mold. I didn't allow myself to collect any more until about 5 yrs ago when I started making baby blankets on request. But then we moved and that yarn is now in storage. Too bad too, I could really use some of those beautiful yarns right now. There are a few issues with my stash that have caused me to feel the need to buy. I list a few of them here:

1. My stash was for homeschooling purposes ~ therefore most of the yarn was practical and was not for my own use.

2. My stash was drab ~ yep! you read that right. Not much color selection because it was randomly purchased here and there.

3. My stash lacked variety ~ I only had Caron, Red Heart, Walmart and some unknown 70s or so brand most acrylics.

4. The additions were used up quickly ~ most of the yarn I purchased on my first free day has been used. Yeah!

5. My stash had no project purpose ~ there weren't any specifics that the yarn was for. It was bought simply because it was pretty, soft or mostly, it was cheap.

Now my stash has grown into something huge, IMHO. I know there are several large stashes out there but for me this is huge. Though not as big as my former stash, which was about 10 totes full ~ you know the plastic rubbermaid kind. I only have 2 now and they are full.

Good news though, I finished several projects, started some new ones and I've got plans for more. I've joined a few swaps which has potential to shake my stash up and to get some of it moved along. Here is a pic of my first Monthly Dishcloth ~ it was the one for April. I'm half done and its beautiful. I'm planning to post more soon because I'd like to have a finished list for my own record.

Talk w/you all soon. Have a great weekend.

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