Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Projects

I've been working on some firsts for me this weekend. I managed to finish my first Monthly Dishcloth ~ the April pattern which is 3 crosses. Oops, have to update later w/a pic. ;D

I also started making a "Soap Sack" which is worked on dpns. I've never done that before but its coming along right nicely. ;D I am now further then this pic and will probably be done by tomorrow. I would like to make one for my SP10 pal and fill it with some lovely soap.

Nothing much else is happening. I've been outbidded for most of the yarn I was going for but after my SPs comment ~ I'm not concerned because she's sending me yarn love in the mail.

I'm going now, need a nap, work on some writing, more knitting and then I might even post some more. Have fun!

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