Thursday, April 12, 2007

It could've happen to anyone..

and it happen to me today. I was working on my WIPs listing and the things I wanted to make when the computer crashed. I hadn't save the document so now its all gone. Poof! Well, back to my list though I did manage to complete one of the items today. I am working on charity items for the Loopy Ewe Q2 challenge and I've finished my 2nd hat. Yeah me!

Anyway, I've been experiencing some gauge issues working on my CPH and the Vegemite for my dh. I'm not sure what the deal is but I will try it again. I've been reading Yarn Harlot's book "Knitting Rules" and have figured out what may be some potential issues for me. I am having fun making "geeky things" though I didn't think I would. I am confident that I'll get it right so that I can get started on my sweaters especially since I've never made one, well at least not adults sizes.

I've also joined some new KALs too. I am having fun with the monthly dishcloth kal ~ the clothes are beautiful and I'd been admiring them for the past few months from several of the blogs I visit. I will update my template so with my new stuff. I've also joined a couple of swaps too, these are fun. I'll share more soon but I must stop staying up late, its starting to take a toll on my face. ;D I'm not as young as I used to be and I really should take better care of myself.

Have an awesome night and rest of week.

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Anonymous said...

Hi SP10 Pal!

Did you say you were shopping for yarn? Hmmm...I have some lovely soft yarn waiting to travel to OK to meet you...and some other goodies. Don't buy too much, yet! :) Your first box heads to the post office in the morning. :)
Your SP