Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Magic Yarn Ball ~ revealed ;D

This is my yarn ball in its delivery box :D

Look what I found inside (sorry its a bit blurred):
(markers, beads, needle holders, stitch holders, knitting needles #10, crochet J hook, yarn cutter emblem, "S" notepad, folding book light, pomegranate candle, Burt's Bee facial cleanser, bracelet, Lion Brand Wool ~ Autumn Sunset)

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km said...

I just saw the comment you left me about the garterlac dishcloth. My comments used to show up in my email...and now they don't. I'm not sure what I did...or how to fix that. Thanks for the info. I'm trying to expand my knitting techniques. I like your yarn ball swap. I just joined my first swap and I'm so excited. I've been super busy...gearing up for next school year already, while trying to finish up commitments for this year. Anyways...leaves little time for blogging. I did make my HOPE blog private...since I wasn't sure what sort of infringements I might be making...but the words of songs I wanted to include were really for my personal encouragement. I'm trying to do better with the A Day In The, but even there I'm not as regular as I'd like. Sorry for the long comment...not sure if I could have emailed this or not. Kristen