Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 1st..hmmm

for lack of a better title. ;D Its been quiet but busy around here. I've casted on for my first baby sock. Woohoo! I'm using my new needles and yarn from my SP. The needles are so little, its awesome. Pics later because the camera needs batteries. I've finished a WIPs too as well as completed "Chicks with Sticks" which was absolutely hilarious. I've sent off my BABE package and another special one to my SP.

We got our book order in today ~ Yeah! Which includes our very own copies of Mason-Dixon Knitting, Favorite Socks and Debbie Bliss' Family Knits. We have one more on backorder since it isn't published until sometime this month.

We are getting ready for Sk8Chicks b-day. Yep! folks I will soon have a 19yr running a muck in my home and stash. LOL Its ok, I'm really alright with it ~ its really wonderful to see her bloom and become an adult. Makes this Mumma very proud indeed.

Ok, so on to the WIP/FOs front:
1. Baby Kimono ~ mason-dixon knitting book Done!
~ Peaches & Cream Baby Green: need to block, seam and wash.
2. Baby Kimono ~ #2 90% done
~ Lion Brand Microspun Lily White: need to add more 1" then block, seam and wash
* want to use this for my KC book project and it needs to be picture ready by Friday :D
3. Dishclothes ~ monthly mid-month project 90% done
~ need to finish up 11 rows for each cloth
4. Two Tone Socks ~ Simply Baby book (just started) ;D
~ DBs Baby Cashmerino #0007 w/LBs Microspun French Vanilla
5. Warm Wristlets ~ LB pattern (had to frog ~ cast on both using circs)
~ LBs Wool Ease ? can't find label ;D
6. Soap Sack ~ Done
~ Peaches & Cream Sherbet: need to make I-cord

I went to Hobby Lobby's and Michaels and didn't buy any yarn. Yeah me! I picked up some needed needles especially since HL has them for 50% off. What a bargain! We do need more yarn for our stash but it will have to wait until I've finished 4 more projects. That shouldn't take too long but I am okay with waiting especially since I've not seen anything that I absolutely have to have. ;D


Anonymous said...

Hi SP 10 Pal!

Wow! You've got quite a bit on your needles! I can't wait to see pictures...now...what kind of yarn have you been stalking at the yarn shop, that you didn't buy? Tell me please!!!! Email me with your wish list! Happy Wednesday to YOU!!!!

Riggwelter said...

ooooh you have done well.