Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Goodies ;D

Yesterday, I received a package in the mail. It was a pretty colored box and it was heavy. I opened it to find my "Magic Yarn Ball" from my upstream swap pal. Yeah me!

This is a swap I entered over at Crochet Swap. For this swap, we are to wrap several things into a ball of yarn then the recipient will knit/crochet the ball and find the goodies. Its amazing how much stuff you can wrap into a ball of yarn. I couldn't wait, so I've already unwound my ball. ;D I like my goodies and I hope my pal will like hers. I'm almost down w/mine and hope to get it in the mail tomorrow.

On the knitting front ~ since the weather has been messy and I've not had to sub for work, I've spent time finding new patterns, joining a few kals and knitting. I've started a baby kimono, a dishcloth gift, a soap sack ~ almost done, and I've casted on 2 of the Apr Mid Month cloths for MDKal. They are turning out nicely ~ we are only on day 2 which is 19 rows into the pattern.

I've made my plans for my SAL and here they are:
Option #3 ~ Apr - Jun (will renew in July)

Minimum of 5 completed projects in order to earn more stash
1. Baby Kimono ~ Mason-Dixon pattern
2. No Sweat Socks ~ No Sheep For You pattern
3. Fingerless Mittens ~ Lion Brand pattern *charity knitting
4. SS
5. SS
I will only be allowed to add to my stash by one of the following:
~ run out of yarn to finish current project
~ gifts from secret pal and swaps
~ once 5 projects are completed

I am planning to keep better notes this time so that I can see how much yarn I am using. I plan to access my progress monthly so will be posting updates. I will post details for each project later.

Well, thats all for now. Have a lovely evening!

~ at our homestead ~
smells ~ creamy turkey and noodles
sounds ~ slow rain fall & "A Country Affair" on tape
planning ~ next week's activities
doing ~ blogging and knitting

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn!

Happy Knitting to you! :) I love your blog and pictures...you're so quick to knit.
I just sent a box of goodies to you via USPS Priority Mail, so it should arrive there in a few days. Time to go start homeschooling here...it's already 10:30 am, and I've been putting swap boxes together. Oops.
We have a lot of flooding where I am, so I have quite a bit of time to knit lately. I can't wait to try to knit one of those soap sacks that you've done. I'm a sock knitter, but willing to try something new! Have a great week... Your SP10 Pal